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The Jazz put on 16-inch alloy Chronos that distinguish it from the standard model. A sports chrome front grille and rear spoiler add to the sporty appearance. Style embroidered carpet mats and the boot and branding in the glove box lid highlight high specification cars. The grade with an additional £ 870 price on 1.2 SE and 1.4 ES model, but offers almost 2000 pounds worth of additional equipment. Both the 1.2 and 1.4 models start with a big offer packages for April PCP 5.9% over three years with 25% deposit, or 7.4% over three years with 10 percent of deposits.

By having the biggest interior space of the B segment, the Honda Jazz is a real family car. It's offering a real trunk and five people Spacious Seating Which is more than the VW Golf.

Jazz's interior space is comparable to the Civic. According to dimensions info taken from Honda's Japan Site, the Jazz has a higher roof and rear seats wider than the Civic. Here you Can see 3 view comparison pictures.
Continuosly shifting CVT transmission has the gear and Providing a very smooth acceleration like a subway train.
Newest Jazz model has better suspension than previous year models for Improving sport riding quality but 185/55 tires on the SE model making Those changes are ineffective.
Is very silent engine under 3000 rpm. But with CVT Can you make 140 km / h on 3000 rpm. This is where The low consumption of the car comes from.

Road noise is still a problem. 15 inch alloy rims contributes to noise and hardness of the car.

Mode CVT has a last gear ratio manual mode is 0477 whereas last ratio is 0524. On highway driving, the car in auto mode is more silent and provides better fuel switch economy.Manual Can be Used like the overdrive button of conventional ATS to have engine braking.

Six airbags
Fit has standard front, front side and curtain airbags.
Crush zone
Along with energy-absorbing crush zones, high-rigidity ACE ™ body structure helps maintain the new occupants are protected.
Honda Safety
Fit even has an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and active front head restraints, while the Fit Sport with Navigation adds Vehicle Stability Assist ™ (VSA ®) with traction control-just a few examples of how Honda takes a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety.
Honda's Safety Philosophy
Honda is committed to providing safety for all people-which means protection of accidents not only for our own drivers and passengers, but also for other vehicle occupants and injury mitigation for pedestrians. We are dedicated to identifying and applying advanced design and features that will help improve the safety of vehicles on the road. Learn more.

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