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Gambar Spesifikasi Perbedaan Nissan X Trile ST-XT

This is the difference of the two cars is different than the machine (the red petrol, diesel is silver). This car has a difference in the exterior, if the red, in Indonesia, we used to call this type of ST because without fog lamp lights on the roof, while the silver XT type because it has better properties than the type ST.Untuk in the Japanese market alone, all types of face shapes xtrail like xtrail red in it, whereas for Japan outside markets such as Indonesia or Europe, face a used car is like the color xtrail silver, chances are it is xtrail silver test car globally, so that the model used is non-Japanese models.

Nissan's compact SUV, the X-TRAIL, has been sold in Australia for some years now. With the recent migration to the T31 series of X-TRAIL, the importer was roundly questioned by local media as to whether there would be a diesel model coming to Australia.

Nissan, part of an 'alliance' with French parent company Renault, could draw upon the diesel expertise and existing resource to find a suitable powerplant for the SUV, but the problem lay not so much with finding the resource to make it all happen as much as ensuring the notoriously diesel-shy Australian market would accept such a vehicle.

The signs have been there, though. When European vehicle importers the likes of Peugeot and Volkswagen are selling a majority of their small passenger cars with diesel power, it's clear that there's a groundswell of opinion in favour of the oilers.

And if you can't sell diesel engines in SUVs, you might as well pack up and go home. Just ask Holden about that company's diesel Captiva, which now accounts for roughly 50 per cent of sales.

So we come to the X-TRAIL. While the company has high hopes for the diesel model, Nissan still regards this vehicle as a leap into the great unknown. In July, Suzuki sold 302 units of the Grand Vitara compact SUV, but Nissan reckons that typically, only about 50 units a month of the Suzuki model are diesels -- hardly the sort of sales performance to instill confidence in a competitor planning to enter the same market segment.

Compared with the Suzuki Grand Vitara -- which was one diesel-engined compact SUV to reach market ahead of the Nissan -- the X-TRAIL's engine is much quieter, more refined and just generally more capable

Offroad, however, there's not much in it between the two. Interestingly, the two diesel engines (in the Grand Vitara and the X-TRAIL) are both supplied by Renault. Nissan says that the engine in the X-TRAIL is a new generation powerplant and offers greater refinement and improved efficiency over the engine in the Grand Vitara. From having driven both, we'd agree, but the Suzuki is not to be shoved aside by the X-TRAIL when it comes to heavy-going offroad toil.

The first impression of the X-TRAIL's diesel is it's a bit noisy when cold, but it does improve at normal operating temperature and isn't guilty of the turbo whine encountered in some turbodiesels. At open road speeds, the drivetrain produces less NVH than the low-level road and wind noise.

Here are two cars specifications:

ST red xtrail (JDM):
-2000cc engine is only available course
have a good-type fog lamps on the lamp
-grille without menggunakkan V-shape
-do not have air holes in the front bumper

Silver xtrail XT (non-JDM):
2000-cc engine and the 2500cc
-two types of ST and XT has a V-shape grille
XT-type has a lamp washer
-have air holes in the front bumper

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