Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Lamborghini Reventon Mobil Termahal di Dunia no5

Based on the Murciélago sports car, the Reventon is said was inspired by the F-22 Raptor is a fighter jet and a true super car by all standards. Lamborghini will only build 20 Reventons, with all spoken for. Eleven of the 20 US-bound cars.
Sign in to club owners Reventon will cost a cool one million euros, or about $ 1.6 million - significantly above the $ 300,000 Murcielago MSRP. In fact, anyone who wants a car had been asked to put down a deposit near that amount.
Hood made of glass laminate with open ventilation space offers a glimpse at the big 6.5-liter V12 engine. The Reventon provides 650 horsepower and 487 pounds-feet of torque.
The outside of the Reventon is formed by carbon fiber material, known as CFCs. CFCs are known for both light and strong. Exterior components attached to the steel and the body of CFCs with glue.
The Reventon is only available in one color, specially created for the Reventon model, and named it. Mid opaque green color / gray that does not have a traditional high-gloss, but maintain the depth by using a special metallic particles.

Exterior lighting on the Reventon is suitable for a super car with a powerful Bi-Xenon head lights, daytime running lights consisting of seven LEDs per side and nine diodes for the indicator and hazard lights. The back is decorated with Reventon special heatproof LEDs for the rear indicators, brake, and hazard lights are made to withstand heat dissipation from the V12 engine.
Created using Alcantara, carbon fiber, aluminum and leather, the interior is inspired by modern aircraft cockpits. Three features of the LCD display various useful readouts for the driver. Instruments are stored in the structure milled from a solid aluminum block, protected by a carbon fiber casing.
G-Force-Meter is also completely new: this display shows the dynamic drive forces, longitudinal acceleration during acceleration and braking, as well as transversal acceleration around bends. Strength is represented by the movement of the indicator graduated 3D grid depending on the direction and intensity of acceleration. Similar instruments can be found in aircraft. Formula One teams also use a similar device to analyze dynamic forces.

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