Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Mobil-Mobil Mewah Terbuat dari Kayu

This car is made of metal, plates, iron, or carbon fiber supercar. But there are some people that makes it different from the others. Functions like an ordinary car, but all the body is made of wood.

Wooden Car from Ukraine
Vasily Lazarenko wanted to make something other than when you first think of parts and car parts business seems to work.

In the town where he lived in Chernovtsny, Ukraine, Vasily takes one and a half years to bring together a unique vehicle, convertable, luxury sedans, and wrapped it all with oak wood (oak). He said he would sell the car if the buyer can bid for your next project cost of the other creative. How good?

Japanese Maniwa
Maniwa car is handmade from wood craftsman, to Kenbi.Maniwa-based Japanese company can drive a car as usual and can be sped up to speeds of 80 km / hour. Stang has a bike - no steering wheel -, stereo sets, and wooden doors Lamboo very cool.Wooden sports car has only one seat in front, but can carry two passengers on a wooden bench behind him. Kalo pengen has been pegged at $ 40,000 dollars.

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