Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

Avanza Mobil yang Fenomenal

Indonesia embarked on hold History of the First Born Print now. Until the sales figures are still very fantastis.Toyota Avanza is phenomenal. so many phenomena beyond the reach of ordinary birth Avanza in Indonesia. Phenomenon that has recently succeeded in obtaining a record breaking sales for Toyota in November last year which is the highest selling record in history Avanza Avanza sales with selling a total of 9574 units that dominate the market by 65.5% in low MPV class. Addition. Avanza is also a best-selling car in Indonesia three years in a row starting in 2006 until 2008.

Is almost six years. Avanza has the groom by more than 289 000 units of its fans. One thing is spectacular. Toyota Kijang consider taking two more decades to achieve sales of 1 million units. Under conditions in times of crisis or fuel prices are rising. Avanza request is not disturbed. even customers willing to wait at least 2-3 months to get it. This shows the credibility of the Toyota Avanza for nearly five years looks more and more accepted by society so well. It also led the Avanza got many awards from various automotive media in Indonesia.
Avanza supernatural strength can also be traced from the used car market. "Every day there is a search for resale Avanza." One of the owners of the Light Showroom at WTC Mangga Dua. Jakut. No wonder most liquid Avanza if a sudden need for funds.
"Avanza is phenomenal. Avanza is a new price and sell even higher value of the purchase price. This is because it fits with the character of Indonesian Avanza Avanza addition also easy to maintain .. IRIT. Suitable much and have a Toyota brand." Johnny Darmawan said. President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor.Also PT Toyota Astra Motor also allows users to multiple service program on a regular basis every 10 000 km to maintain the vehicles remain fit and strong.

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