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Spesifikasi Audi V8 2010

Audi V8 is a great luxury four-door, five-seat saloon (sedan), developed by AUDI AG in Neckarsulm plant in Germany the company from October 1988 until November 1993, as a model ship-topping various companies. That first car marque Audi namesake engine configuration - the V8 engine. Factory production began in October 1988, and stopped in November 1993, although sales continued to finished vehicles in 1994.

Topping-range Audi V8 was released at the same time with the original Lexus LS400, and in many respects, the Audi is a superior product both for Lexus, German companies and competitors like Mercedes-Benz W126, BMW 7 Series (BMW E32), and Jaguar XJ British-Series (Mark 2 Jaguar XJ, XJ40). [Citation needed] The Audi V8 is the only car in its class to offer four-wheel, and fully galvanized body as standard, with 10 year anti-perforation warranty (against corrosion).

Car body style similar to the Audi V8 Audi 100 typ 44 and 200 models, and based on the stretched version of the Volkswagen Group C3 car platform, known as D1 or D11 both platforms. Audi Audi V8 100/200 different from the unique and has a lattice design, V8 badges front and rear (chrome color to 3.6, and red to 4.2), a unique bumper, extended wheelbase, pronounced wheel arches, rear lights are all red, and larger 16 "or 17" roadwheels. Much attention has been devoted to the new internal combustion engine vehicles, which is a V8 engine, although the Audi V8 was also significant in that the first production Audi's quattro 4WD system combines drive with automatic transmission.

Specification Audi V8

Manufacturer AUDI AG
Parent company Volkswagen Group
Production began in October 1988
Production end of November 1993
Assembly of Neckarsulm, Germany
Successor of the Audi A8
Class Full-size luxury car
Body style (s)-4-door sedan (saloon)
Front longitudinal engine layout,
quattro permanent four-wheel drive
Volkswagen Group D1 platform (aka D11)
Engine (s) 3.6 L V8 2xDOHC (PT),
4.2 L V8 2xDOHC (ABH)
Transmission (s) 4-speed ZF automatic 4HP24A,
5-speed manual (3.6 V8),
6-speed manual (4.2 V8)
Wheelbase 2702 mm (106.4 in)
Length 4861 mm (191.4 in)
5190 mm (204.3 in) (LWB)
Width 1814 mm (71.4 in)
Height 1420 mm (55.9 ins)
Kerb weight 1712 kg (3774 pounds)
Fuel capacity 80 L (17.6 imp gal, 21.1 U.S. gal)

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