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Gambar Spesifikasi Mazda6 Facelift Terbaru 2010

Mazda6 facelift or released in Japan known as the Atenza. For a while the car is available in three body choices, Sedan, Sport (five-door) and Sport Wagon, is only sold to the local market of Japan.

Mazda said the Mazda6 is presented for consumers who need the full force and sporting performance. In this latest package Mazda6 facelift has diimbuhi features make it more environmentally friendly.
In addition, the Mazda6 facelift version also has revisions on the interior and exterior design and quality improvement.
Even the 2.0-liter engine mounted on a petrol sedan models, and Sport Wagon has been updated with the latest MZR 2.0L direct injection conditions. With this dapurpacu Mazda claims its product is more economical or in accordance with the regulations "2010 fuel economy standards plus 15%" that apply in Japan.
As a result, the tax to 2.0-liter verian this could be lowered by 50 percent due in accordance with the tax reduction program for economical cars in Japan.
Mazda6 also has a type of four-wheel drive (4WD) and front-wheel drive (FWD), has even selected as a Super-Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (SU-Lev). In other words, the resulting emissions 75 percent lower than 2005 regulations which defined the Japanese government.
Mazda6 facelift is believed to provide performance experience that much better than previous models. This happened after the team qualified Mazda improve steering stability and suspension settings. Through the consolidation, the high-speed maneuvers and produced more competent now. In fact, Mazda is also optimistic about its products produce better comfort.
Meanwhile, changes in the exterior design is shown through the front grille match a five-point outline the latest Mazda family face. Design 17-inch alloy wheels and 18-inch also changed to be more fresh, including a new body color variants Clear Water and Midnight Blue Metallic Bronze Mica.
In the cabin changes appear in the center panel is made more subtle, shiny with a touch of the piano-black end. Some parts of the panel also added layer of chrome that his actions seem more virile.
To Mazda6 dibandrol Japanese market began to 2.1 million yen to 2.5 million yen for the sedan body model, 2.4 million yen to 2.75 million yen for the Sport model, and 2.25 million yen to 2.75 million yen for Sport Wagon models.

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