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Spesifikasi New Toyota Land Cruiser 2010

Toyota is one of Asian manufacturers who always received the attention of visitors motorcycle events around the world. this time the Japanese brands took part in the exclusion No. Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). Especially at the time Toyota brought the celebration of the newest generation of its ship-roaders, the Land Cruiser. 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser believe will have a big anomimo from consumers after the celebration. Additionally, this SUV is believed to continue the success of the Land Cruiser has been six decades of existence on earth.

At least, until now as many as 176 countries have enjoyed a Land Cruiser, including Indonesia. Land Cruiser itself has now become an icon for the success of the Toyota SUV.
In the latest generation Toyota has added several features to enhance the ability of off-road Land Cruiser. With the new feature set claims the Land Cruiser would spoil the user when faced with obstacles in the wild, including ease of control when the pavement.
For the European market, the latest Land Cruiser is available in two models, the five-door and four door. While racing to the menu options provided kitchen diesel D-4D 3.0 liter (171 hp) and 4.0-liter V6 VVT-i petrol.

In addition, the reported menu is also available on the Land Cruiser V8 4.6-liter VVT-i dual-powered 318 hp and 460 Nm of torque. But the model is revised from 4.7 liter engine is only available in Japan market. Although its capacity is smaller than similar machines before, but the performance is much better.2010 Toyota Land Cruiser. Larger hips sticking out.
According to Toyota's new products have undergone a change in the aspect of the construction order to increase stiffness by 11 percent. In addition, the circuit is also improving the framework for reducing engine vibration and noise when walking. As a result, the latest Land Cruiser secured more comfortable.

Eskterior aspect, the Land Cruiser comes with a stylish new larger hips and stuck out. See it, will remind us of the trends now dilakono Benz.Ssunan SUV Mercedes-front and rear lights are also made bigger and some of them sticking out of the body skin.It is a little surprising is the appearance of the front face at least remind us of the appearance of Toyota Rush. However, the light from the Land Cruiser in a greedy fresh up narrowed.

Latest generation Land Cruiser is now equipped with better interior than previous models. Besides can carry seven passengers in three rows of seats, the new Land Cruiser is also more comfortable for the Toyota Land Cruiser passengers.2010. large monitor with a camera in ekstrior pinned.

Increasing comfort can be felt through changes in the settings the second row bench can be moved 135 mm and change the configuration in a 40:20:40 ratio. Through this feature will run in the cabin easier.
Meanwhile, the position of the bench during the third BAIS revised passengers deemed to be too tiring. The result, passengers foothold position 38 mm so low. Thank you also for second-row bench that can be shifted, so the third row is more spacious passenger leg room.

Suspension and Off-Road
At the front suspension area is also subject to the double wishbone system, while the back four lateral link. Again, the purpose of convenience and ease of control.
The character of true off-roader comes from the statues in the muscle.
Meanwhile, Toyota LC4 and LC5 models with extra features to give the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) with electronic systems. This feature alone is an anti-rolled rod is inserted in the front suspension system and rear. The goal, the Land Cruiser becomes more comfortable and confident when dealing with off-road terrain.

Even special LC5 models are still adding features Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with Posture Control Roll. This feature can be adjusted in the three options in accordance with road conditions. Combined air suspension system, this technology allows the Land Cruiser ground clearance can be raised and lowered to reduce the impact of vibration when running.

Improved off-road capability is also not forget the Toyota. Evidence, Land Cruiser, now has a Multi-Select the field that can automatically control the power and the incubation according to the different areas. In addition, this system is also supported by the monitor camera to monitor the area around the vehicle .. Much for the Range Rover rival.

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