Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

Spesifikasi Toyota New Dyna 2010

Driving performance is more powerful in all conditions of the straight, hilly and fast acceleration.
Dyna chassis frame of a strong and sturdy with no connection and is equipped with amplifiers capable of providing Keeling effectiveness for the customer through the carrying capacity of more carry the load at the time.

All types of new Dyna uses turbo charger. Turbo Charger is a pump that is designed to take advantage of some of the fuel energy that may be disposed in the formation of gas buang.dimensi. New Dyna has a new interior design with the feel of the cabin light, the use of seat with a new design through texture and function to bring comfort to the driver when driving.
Modern dashboard with the Register Panel (Ventilation) which disesain easier in operation and deliver cool air all the way
Simplify current design combined meter reading and monitoring of drivers in all of the indicator instrument. Hand brake located on the driver's side than to give driver's safety when doing parking also provides comfort in operation. The position of the hand brake designed more down than the previous model. Design an ergonomic steering wheel with a diameter of 430mm can improve the appearance of a solid and stable and also to simplify the driver in turning the steering wheel. Dyna designed cabin space better.

Engine W 04D - TN
Diesel 4 Stroke, Inline, 4.009 cc Maximum Power 130 ps/2.500 rpm Maximum torque 37 Kgm/1.800 rpm.
Engine W 04D - TM
Diesel 4 Stroke, Inline, 4.009 cc Maximum Power 110 ps/2.800 rpm Maximum torque 29 Kgm/1.800 rpm.
All types Dyna Inter Cooler is equipped with a device that is located between the turbo charger and the cylinder to cool the incoming air.

Engine Spesification



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