Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Konsep New Volkswagen Dipamerkan Di Frankfurt

German carmaker Volkswagen AG said it will reveal several new models at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week, including electric cars, called E-Pass. At a reception before the start of the show Monday night, said the company's E-compact Up possibility would only go into production in 2013 and production levels that approach the other compact cars popular only in 2020.

Lithium ion battery the company said the front wheel of the car will have a capacity of 18 kilowatt hours of energy allows driving distance of about 130 kilometers, or about 80 miles, depending on driving style.

"One of the basic milestones in the timeline it is mass produced electric vehicle," Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn said in a statement.

He said only in high volume and in all continents that can really speak about the early age of electricity in cars and reducing the environmental impact of their looks.

"The car is now a concept that is presented in Frankfurt is very realistic show how we imagine such a Volkswagen with a pure electric drive - technically, visually and in terms of practical measures," said Winterkorn.

The company also will launch other models that cover more than a technology company Blue Motion and the new hybrid technology.

In his speech later in the evening, Winterkorn said the company as a whole will continue to focus on efficiency throughout the company, and that VW would take the electric cars out of the market niche that is currently in, and took it to the world at a much higher production levels.

"The future will belong to lower emissions and more efficient transportation," he said, "We released one after another eco-friendly cars ..

"Volkswagen Group is in the form above. At present, VW is a multi-brand car, the most successful groups in the world, we've convinced the solution to the entire market."

He said that the company is also confident about the future like to see more positive signals for the economy.

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