Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Mercy cina Mirip Infiniti G35 Infiniti Mercedes Benz

When Mercedes-Benz has three stars and five stars Jianghuai this sedan.
China makes breakthrough in car design. Shifts in Infiniti G35 and Mercedes Benz are subject to the design history of the car manufacturers in China, Jianghuai.Apparently, this sedan is not only inspired by Jianghuai Infiniti G35 luxury sedan, but it is the Infiniti.

From the front view, to design columns A to C, the Chinese sedan really needed to be a lux car
In fact, when the eyes move backwards while the rest will be surprised by the design behind this Jianghuai sedan. How not, because it is the back of a Mercedes Benz E350. Since when Mercedes-Benz has changed the logo like that?

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