Senin, 15 Maret 2010

New Kia Magentis 2011 Di Luncurkan Bulan Depan

California new-generation Kia Magentis sedan will start world debut at New York International Auto Show 2010 which will take place next month. According to the design chief Peter Schreyer Magentis Kia will surprise the public.

In expecting the latest Magentis is longer, lower and wider than previous models. Medium sedan claimed close to form a pillar coupe because of low angle and short and wide C-pillar. This condition is reinforced by a solid rod potogan.
"This car has a new leaf. We are designed with the thought of the European consumer wants," said Kia's European design chief Gregory Guillaume. Itself also states that the exterior design of the new Magentis, designed by his team in Frankfurt, Germany, while an interior design team worked in California, United States.

Overall, the Magentis will fill-D segment promises to lead the class in a broad aspect, the level of security and luxury.
"With Kia's latest model of this design will be more confident. This is a global car with an individual approach," said Peter.
All New since Magentis will be launched worldwide in the early stages of 2011. In each country or region name of this sedan can vary.

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