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Spesifikasi Fiat 500 Twin-air Lebih Bertenaga dan Irit

Geneva - Geneva car exhibition Motor Show will witness the first appearance of the latest environmentally friendly technology from Fiat, the tech machine-Air Twin pumps that can boost energy as well as fuel efficient and emissions.

Developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), this new machine to apply the Revolutionary Multiair system combined with a special fluid dynamics
optimized for best fuel efficiency.

In addition, by adopting the concept of extreme downsizing and tuning the basic mechanics of amazing, this new machine can produce power reaches 65-105 HP, and produces 30 percent less CO2 than the same engine performance.

As quoted in a release Fiat Geneva Motor Show visitors will be looking more closely the application of this machine the first time in Fiat 500 variants.

Fiat 500 is equipped with a 900 cc two-cylinder turbo-powered 85 HP which has the lowest CO2 emission levels for gasoline engines, which up to 95 grams per
km, without compromising performance and driving pleasure.

Compared with two engine versions currently available, Fiat 500 Twin Air provides good performance with reduced fuel reaches 15 percent,
and performance 25 percent better than the 1.2-liter engine.

Meanwhile, compared with 1.4-liter engine, fuel consumption could be 30 percent more efficient, with performance comparable to the same height and also
berkendaranya pleasure.

The new machines were 23 percent shorter and lighter 10 percent, compared to 4-cylinder engine, thus opening further development opportunities, in order to use the methane gas feed or a combination of hybrid technology.

In particular, a version of methane Twin-Air will be available and immediately gave the reduction of CO2 emissions is higher, it is possible to adopt a pair of special injector than gasoline in the intake manifold injector.

So is to use a hybrid system. Precisely because of their small size, Twin-Air well suited to be accompanied by an electric motor, with a device arranged between the engine and gearbox to recover and store energy during braking.

Core labor Twin-Air systems are the electro-hydraulic valve management system in which fuel is working to reduce consumption by
controlling air directly through the inlet valve.

With a small engine capacity, but has turbo can increase the maximum torque, power is available at very low rpm, so the accuracy of the response will be much better than with conventional machinery.

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