Senin, 26 April 2010

Fitur Mazda2 Memberikan Gengsi Tersendiri

From the rider said mazda2 ...
One thing that makes me feel proud when driving on the island Mazda2 is when the eyes of foreign tourists heading in my direction. Some even smiled and raised his thumb. I do not know what makes them stunned, then I understand even less. While finding out, I could only smile back with a grinning face.

In the end, when I parked the Mazda2 in front of a craft store, so I understand the meaning of the stranger's smile.
"Wow, what a car is Green ... Very funny ...,?" Said a young woman with blond hair.
I then replied, "That's Mazda."

"I've seen it. Obviously this is a new car? It's beautiful," she said again.
From the brief conversation that I began to understand the purpose of greeting the President Director of PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia (MMI) Yoshiya Horigome. He said, "Most entries we received a very positive tone. They (the public) to justify our confidence in the car (Mazda2) which bears the title of the Word was Car of the Year."

Two sentences on top of what I need to underline here is "very positive" and "Word Car of the Year".
The second sentence is very sacred. Therefore, blessed are cars that can achieve that sentence. And, whether the two predicate Mazda2 deserves, I'll answer it here.

Mazda2 is quite unique. This car appears adorable. Not only from a small and simple design, but also rautnya sweet. Seeing the wide front grille, we will remember an expression of smiling children.
With a performance like it was only natural that Mazda claims the product as a fun car. Not only for penggendaraan in the city, but also outside the city. Not only for advanced riders, but also the beginner rider. Not just for women but also for young men.

Along with aggressive performance, like other recent product Mazda, Mazda2 was also built with good quality. The lines of inter-agency panel that was so right. Pengecetan also worked with the smooth. Even the materials used for thick and clear light.
For all outcomes, no wonder if Mazda is grateful to Ford so far has helped create a strong car.

Such as that offered by competitors in its class, nobody was standing on the cabin layout Mazda2. Instrument panel, speedometer display, the chimney and the AC button, until the gear lever position does not give a new look. Only practical design that looks unique just because of the dominance of spherical articulation.

Use of aluminum-accented also still prefer to emphasize the sporty interior elements. Mazda2 melangkapi panel aluminum accents on door trim, the transmission lever, and bar the rim.

Performance and Control
Before explaining the performance, first I will declare my steering system provided Mazda2.

Technology Electric Power Assist Steering system (EPAS) was injected at a super mini Mazda can be proud. Section, the effectiveness of this technology has been most effective when I move the steering wheel in the parking lot. Lightweight and measurable is a fact that can be felt. Even he can also show its effectiveness when the car drove at high speed.

In short, the Mazda2 as the steering system that is able to lock the intelligent control of the shaft at right angles. Turn to low speed and aggressive maneuvers at high speed become so easy with the Mazda2.

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