Jumat, 16 April 2010

The Legend New Toyota Corolla Altis 2.0 V A.T

Toyota Corolla is one of Toyota's legendary products that have been pan decade of success in the automotive universe. Why is this legendary Toyota Corolla? First, the Toyota Corolla is the best-selling sedan in the world, each production can be sold for more than 35 million units. Second, the best achievements in motorsport championship, one of them won the Toyota driver, Carlos Strainz in 99 WRC events.

With confidence, now reissued newest Toyota Corolla Altis, with increased engine capacity to 2.0L. Not only the kitchen runway, Corolla Altis also offers a change of appearance.

On the exterior, this new Toyota Corolla Altis looks more sporty with a device that radiator grille Mesh type. Such as street lights at night, the Corolla Altis is also equipped with HID headlamp, which is accompanied by a manual leveling. Other technologies promoted Corolla Altis is the latest wiper technology with sensor systems, which can switch on automatically when the rainy weather. As an optional device, the external screen can be embedded aero kit in order to appear more sporty accessory Altis.

In his cabin design, the Corolla Altis also offers a combination of cutting edge technology and sporty. Call it the dash panel that gives the impression type V is more sporty. In addition to passenger bench seat covered in leather, which can provide comfort for passengers. The position of the driver's seat can be adjusted electronically in accordance with the rider desires. Although Altis cabin space is limited, but extensive practical luggage capacity. The capacity of the trunk can carry up to 475 liters. To give comfort in driving, the Corolla Altis is also equipped with the latest technology and the commencement of the smart entry system and is equipped with Audio Video and DVD Player, which is equipped with navigation features (optional).

New Toyota Corolla Altis take a more powerful engine, using three types of machines ZR-FE, tech DOHC, dual VVTi (Variable Valve Timing Intellegent), which enables high performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency and produce lower emissions. Power output is 152 PS at rpm 5600 rpm with maximum torque 21.2 kgm at 4400 rpm engine speed. Vehicle capacity of 1987 cc engine 4 speed automatic transmission was adopted, along with super ECT, Paddle Shift, and Gate Type. Transfer of transmission is also easier with the support of the steering wheel shift paddles located on the bar.

Latest Corolla Altis is available in three types of options, namely 1.8 J & G, and 2.0 V. Japanese car manufacturers also provide six color options, namely, Beige Metallic, Silver Metallic, Med Silver Metallic, White Pearl, Black Mica and grayish Blue Metallic. For Corolla Altis 1.8 J Type Manual may be obtained by Rp.320.500.000 prices, while the second is automatic for Rp.343.700.000 1.8 G and 2.0 V type Rp.372.500.000 sold automatically.

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