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Modifikasi Suzuki Baleno Th 2001,Keren Abizz

Notices Prajna Suyanto, 19, felt "itchy" when to stop tinkering with his car. In fact, his 2001 Suzuki Baleno lansiran was recently revamped. By pursuing a contest the international scale, a month ago he returned atiknya in doing things again.

For the last perombakkannya, greeting the owner does not want to close Notices unsparing. Four-door sedan saloon is now a two-door sports sedan. fired at him. Cabin crammed with a variety of audio instruments and accessories racing. Performance engine turbo device thanks to increasingly fierce.

"Of all perombakkan, who I rely on is the roof open," explained Notices, homeowners modify the spec-Z in the area of Kupang Jaya. In Indonesia there have been several modifications applying a modifier like this, hell, a lot of Jakarta. While Singapore is still rare, "he added

Notices of business is not in vain. Autosalon 2005 in the contest, he won Keep the Good Work. "This is a degree to students who dare to innovate," explains Reserved. Unfortunately, Copyright reluctant to disclose how much money has been spent on this little project. However, in previous perombakkan course, he had spent Rp 250 million. So, can you imagine the amount of money he spent this time. (Ode)

Without Roof

Turn a four-door saloon car type this into the open roof-easy easy difficult. Easy because this is not the first project in Indonesia. So I could learn on the previous modifier. The difficulty just need a little adjustment on the car. "New holder is made of steel plate, so that the top glass and the other did not come down," explained Reserved.

To obtain an impression extreme, Notices put up some custom body kits are brand VeilSide designs adopted. While the wing C-west pinch design. Hood was redesigned to imitate owned Honda S-2000.

After everything is neat, reserved to continue fiddling with the door. Both the front door stretched approximately 15 cm, while the rear is trimmed. Open the lid and gullwing direction now. "Both these doors without shaved door handles aliases. So, open it using the remote control," said Cipta.

Then washed down the entire exterior paint brand Nippon Paint color mixing between the purple and blue.

Now turn to the foot of the reformed sector. Per Eibach and shockbreaker Monroe is ready to support the performance of 19-inch diameter alloy wheels Dronell. To adjust these new wheels, over fenders Notices forced to do as much as 9 cm.

PlayStation2 in the Dashboard

From the outside, continues inside. Because this car now without a roof, if the picture still unlawful standard. "Almost all the components in the cabin already change it. From the steering wheel, seat, until the indicator," said Cipta. Sparco seats evicted long. Issota equipped steering uses Sparco quick release. Top Secret Shift Knob wear. Meanwhile, Momo pedal set rely on the product.

As accessories, Notices put up some indicators boost meter, press meter, oil temp and voltmeter Autogauge brand. "I also installed a set of PS2 games machines for amusement facilities," he added.

Unit Four Ampilifier

Notices that likes R & B does not want to miss this audio problem. He put on head unit xj JVC KW-770. Use products Visonik Amplifier, Alpine and two Denon. As a supporter of low frequency sounds, there are four subwoofers Soundstream Tarantula. Crossover and Equalizer brand Kenwood installed as a supplement. Then, there are also two banks capassitor Mass Engineering. Sound output entrusted to a brand-Revelator and MB Quart.

This sector is located in two places, trunk and back seat. Two backseat intentionally demolished and replaced with "home" several audio devices. There were four subwoofer and amplifier. The rest, placed in the trunk.

Equipped with Turbo Tool

Addressed the final touches on the engine sector. Notices put up a brand Garret turbo and intercooler HKS Performance. Special intake manifold, he created his own. Improved by combining the ignition spark plug wires NGK spark plugs and Blue Thunder.

Flue gas sector improved with dual mufflers Tanabe brand. Finally, Notices NOS tubes installed in belekang seat (together with a set of subwoofers). "This car really does not wear make-kebutan racing, but in the contest, the machine supports the assessment," he explained.
You may copy it because I also copied from newspapers but published only in lama.

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