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New Nissan X-Trail Stt lebih Macho

"Seeing the growth rate that is very exciting right now, I'm sure Nissan can achieve its sales target for the year and also medium-term goal to achieve annual sales of 40 thousand units in the next three years, and became one of the big players in the automotive market here, ".

Sales (NMI) during the first 6 months of the year 2005 is very satisfactory. Nissan's sales during this period was recorded 6989 units, an increase of 2010 units or an increase of approximately 40% compared with same period last year.

Largest contributor of sales was still a period of X-trail, which accounted for 4230 units or approximately 60% of total sales.

Since officially marketed in Indonesia, the sale of X-trail continues to rise. Even the X-trail throughout the year reaching a top position in terms of SUV sales for the segment so that the X-trail into the SUV No. 1 in Indonesia.

To maintain its No.1 SUV, the NMI continues to make improvements in various respects, including quality and product design. One way is to introduce the New X-trail.

"In addition to variants of the X-trail St and Xt which is already marketed in Indonesia, we now introduce the latest variant of the X-trail, which is New X-Trail STT," Ota said.

X-Trail Macho

STT New X-Trail X-Trail is a new variant with a more macho look than the two other variants. When the New X-Trail STT oriented emphasis on functional, X-Trail Xt is the top of the line with all the comfort and luxury features.

According to Deputy Director of Sales & Marketing NMI Teddy Irawan, the presence of X-Trail STT intended to meet the tastes of consumers, namely those who are waiting for product X-Trail is more macho. STT Enchantment indeed different. In terms of positioning, X-Trail X-Trail STT St bridge which is a variant of the standard, while the X-Trail Xt is a variant of the top of the line. "Variant STT his directions lead to the shape of the X-Trail is more manly," said Teddy.

Components that make the X-Trail looks more macho STT is attached to the completeness of this variant. STT is equipped with front guard bar, side steps, black side molding, overfenders, and roof rack.

The entire line-up New X-Trail is now appearing with a new front grille design, the front grille with a new look two-lis shaped like a V that flanked the Nissan logo. In addition, the three variants of the New X-Trail is now also features a new design of side mirrors, alarm and cargo net.

To add to the comfort of travel, especially for the X-Trail STT and Xt, there are additional new audio system that is equipped with DVD touch screen LCD. Touch screen technology is easy to operate so as not to confiscate the concentration when driving.

Generation X-Trail is now also comes with new color choices, that is burning red. Previously there has been any other color choices are: dark blue pearl, beige metallic, black solid, misty green metallic, and titanium silver metallic.

"The presence of the X-Trail STT, other than to reinforce and complement the line-up X-Trail is currently available, is expected to also be able to strengthen brand image of Nissan as SUVs No. 1 in Indonesia. And most importantly, the X-Trail is expected to support sales STT Nissan in Indonesia, "Ota said.

He said that the increase in sales volume coupled with Nissan's sales network development. Of the 42 Nissan dealership which is currently spread across Indonesia, 26 of whom already have RVI (Visual Identity Retail) according to the standard Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan Japan).
"We are also currently exploring opportunities to enter other segments more aggressively which is also quite large and mid-MPV that is potentially as part of Nissan's business development plan in Indonesia. Preparation us towards there being more mature and as planned," said Ota.

Along with business development, the NMI will also increase production capacity and expand its corporate organization. With Nissan's business development, The NMI also contributed in generating employment and economic growth in Indonesia.

Ota stressed, in an effort to expand Nissan's business in Indonesia, it is very important for the NMI to always strengthen its brand image as an SUV No. 1 in Indonesia. In the world today, Nissan also known as a strong producer of SUVs

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