Senin, 19 April 2010

Spesifikasi Audi S4 2010

Who introduced the S4-segment of luxury cars to entry-level V-8 daya.Cepat-six years into the future. New-S4 all lose some cylinders but packs, 333-hp supercharged V-6 fine (it makes the horse was only seven fewer than the old V-8) and perhaps the most controversial cars in this list.

Staff Purists argue that four-wheel drive has no place in a sports car (or a sedan trying hard to become one), and they also believe that the 3-Series (including M3 ass-kicking) is a better all-arrays in the vicinity when compared with the A4 lineup. They were right on one count: 3-Series is all good-arrays in the vicinity. But standing apart from the A4 S4 line like the narc in the exhibition of the Dead, and the rest of our staff can not deny his ability. They have more than puritanical.

And able to do so. S4 who had just knocked on-chip from a blue BMW 335i comparison tests in the heads [November 2009] although the number of results are practically identical performance and weighs nearly 400 pounds. Car shows relatively high from understeer but is equipped with the optional (and it is important for us standard) $ 1,100 rear differential torque-vector, which converts into hoon oversteering S4. Suffice to say, people-to-drive quotient grew fun too.

Practicality is also on the side of the S4's. exceptional ergonomics, comfort is good (especially in the backseat), and class-leading all the styling of the winning package.


VEHICLE TYPE: front engine, four-wheel-drive, five-passenger, four-door sedan

BASE PRICE: $ 46,725

ENGINE TYPE: supercharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve 3.0-liter V-6
Power (SAE net): 333 bhp @ 5500 rpm
Torque (SAE net): £ 325-ft @ 2900 rpm
Transmission: seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual, six-speed manual

Wheelbase: 110.7 in Length: 185.7 in
Width: 71.9 in Height: 55.4 in
curb weight: 4000 pounds

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