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Tips ModifikasiAudio Aliran ICE

Many types of audio stream modification including SQ (Sound Quality), SST (Sound Pressure Level), and ICE (In Car Entertainment). And for families or lovers of tv shows, definitely they will choose the audio stream ICE. Because besides can watch tv shows and movies from the dvd, they can also listen to the sound quality.

However, the actual ICE system is a sophisticated application of technology to the standard audio system, which consists of three main parts. As explained by Iyank, installer Mirza Auto Care home modifications, the standard audio system in a series of ICE is a head unit, amplifier, speakers and some additional number of other audio devices, such as a subwoofer and capacitor banks. In the ICE system installation, a number of high-tech device used, to increase energy and strength, so the entertainment facility that can be transformed. Here are three main parts the raw audio system with a number of terms that need to be known.

Head Unit
popular designation for the main audio device, which may reflect a combination of a DVD player, radio, communication equipment, and other functions. In short the ES system will not run if you do not have this device. At the head unit is also usually a lot of functions can be ordered to work. Ranging from audio-visual functions, save the memory, to regulate the flow of sound, all controlled from the tool. Simply put, the brain from the head unit is an audio system which is usually located on the dashboard.
Generally, a head unit in auto blank skip (wave seeker, CD tracks, or other programs), automatic volume control (panel volume), autostore radio (radio frequency storage), balance control (volume control balance), and others.

Is a device that serves as a bridge between the head unit with other functions, especially the speakers. Charge amplifier combines several tasks that already exist. In this section, can be added crossover. Once again, the addition of devices that create an audio system can produce something more. Sound signal, the frequency of the wave, distribution channels, to spread the sound made by these tools. Without reinforcement, it is impossible to obtain an adequate audio system. sound source comes from the head unit for example, can get out on the speakers. However, without the amplifier, the result will be the standard sound. With the role of ICE amplifier circuit can also be transformed.

Speaker in accordance with the intended meaning of speakers. However, the audio system, there are several types of speakers are threaded to produce quality sound. As if representing the sound produced, the speakers also made up of midrange speakers and tweeters.

Sub woofer
Many people are not satisfied with the system provided pembuai ear automotive factory. Therefore, do not do a little modification to the vehicle audio system and video to get maximum satisfaction. One of the many changed is the subwoofer. It aims to make music that is produced is able to produce sound quality you want. However, the accuracy required in choosing a subwoofer that will be used. Because, each subwoofer its own characteristic. Therefore, it would be better if the test is performed before the subwoofer to see the capabilities and weaknesses, so a subwoofer can be known characters. And choose a subwoofer that is suitable for the ICE system is a measure between 10-12 inches, depending on the quality of each.

Which support the audio, power amplifier installed to lift the desired sound quality. According Iyank, power amplifiers are usually for ES, as a substitute for using the power between 2500 - 5000 watts depending on the quality of the power itself. Likewise with monoblock power, to stabilize and enhance sound quality subwoofer. And for the ICE, which used a subwoofer the size of 10-12 inches.

Capacitor banks
Serve to stabilize the electrical system in the car so as not to drop. According Iyank, usually for audio ICE, the use of capacitor banks, with a capacity of 1 to 2.5 farads. But the size of the capacitor bank depends on the quality of each.

Ice Installation Tips

To make room spelled out a car into the family room that is easy-easy to difficult. In addition, space is limited and the existence of car seats that could impede the flow of sound that comes out of speakers. Here are some tips for the installation of the ICE.

Places To Restructuring Audio Devices
Usually to put some audio in the car cabin, built subwoofer box for the first, which is adjusted to the character and color of the car cabin interior. And materials for the manufacture of boxes of each set, had to use wood MDF (Medium Density fiberboard) measuring 15 mm. "It's a lot of MDF wood sizes are used, but that is often used for audio ICE was 15 mm," said Iyank.
Designing a good cable connection
After creating the box, the next step is to connect the cable, between the cable with the other components have to be careful. Because, one in continue short circuit and cause fires. Therefore should be regulated as neat as possible to avoid dangerous things. Then do the installation of audio devices. Subwoofer is in accordance with the desired character is planted in a box that had been made before. Then the speakers, the forces supporting and subwoofer and an appropriate capacitor bank is also installed in the cabin of the car.

Select a Qualified Installer Cheap But Good
Alert and cautious in selecting the installer. Select the installer which has a good quality but offers a low cost. One is Mirza's Auto Care, located on Jl. Siliwangi Raya No. 10, Rawa Panjang, Bekasi, Tel: (021) 8242 5051 -52. In addition to ICE, Mirza can also install other audio streams, besides the cost is not too expensive, their quality is not in doubt.

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