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Mobil paling Ramah Lingkungan Sedunia, Volkswagen BlueMotion

Volkswagen's BlueMotion technology which tersemat on Golf, Passat and Polo won the crown of world's most environmentally friendly cars this year. 2010 World Green Car predicate received BlueMotion is granted on the sidelines of ongoing New York International Auto Show in Manhattan.
Golf, Passat and Polo, was selected as the most environmentally conscious car world after setting aside 13 contestants are judged 59 jurors from 25 countries. 2010 World Green Car itself is a series of events in 2010 World Car of the Year which is held every year.
For this year's 2010 World Green Car category was sponsored by a leading tire manufacturer Bridgestone. "Feeling as a privilege to sponsor this event this year," said General Manager of Brand Management Bridgestone Corporation Ryoji Yamada. "We hope hearted tire technology we create an environment that increasingly make green cars more environmentally friendly.
I just hope Indonesia could quickly make a car like that.

when you see this logo you can expect industry-leading technologies that increase efficiency, reduce emissions - and cut the cost of your driving. BlueMotion Technologies demonstrate Volkswagen's commitment to the future.

You can feel good about driving a BlueMotion Volkswagen, knowing you've made a thoughtful choice for the environment. But straight away you'll also notice the difference to your pocket. With BlueMotion you could:

* Save on fuel. The new Golf BlueMotion delivers an impressive 68.9mpg. Fewer visits to the pumps resulting in lower fuel costs.
* Save on tax. The new Golf BlueMotion, with CO2 emissions of 107g/km, is in Band B with a tax duty of just £35 a year. Compare this to the annual road tax bill of more than £400 for the most highly polluting cars.

TDI engines

Our Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engines are responsive and fun to drive, as well as being very efficient. They offer more power, good fuel economy and lower emissions. We've achieved this by:

* Linking the engine to longer gear ratios to cut revs and improve fuel economy.
* Developing new engine management software that reduces idling speed.
* Fitting a highly efficient Diesel Particulate Filter to cut emissions.

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