Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Mulai Hari Ini New Mazda5 Dapat Di Pesan

Newest, Mazda Motor Corporation today began to open the all-new orders Mazda Premacy (the all-new Mazda5) across the entire network of Mazda in Japan. According to the all-new Mazda is launching the new Mazda5 will be made on July 1 next, while the model four-wheel drive (4WD) scheduled in August 2010.

Mazda says it will produce the all-new Mazda5 Ujina plant No.2 (U2) is located not far from its headquarters in Horoshima.
Mazda5 is a minivan marketed globally. Launched in April 1999 and to revamp the design in 2005, the Mazda5 has sold more than 810 000 units.

All-new Mazda5 is the fifth generation that is designed with the concept of dynamic elegance and high-minded. The new Mazda5 will be the first model that fully embraces the Mazda Nagare elements or "flow". The all-new Mazda5 will hold a 2.0-liter DOHC engine with transmission system 5EC-AT (Activematic). For the 2WD model variants 20e and 20s will be equipped i-stop feature that meungkinkan more fuel efficient Mazda5.

Few reviews from various sources about mazda5
The more wonderful effect of the MAZDA5's small size is that it actually drives like a car, and a rather sporty one at that. The chassis feels stiff and the suspension is firm. The steering is nicely weighted, responsive and gives plenty of feedback. The antilock disc brakes are nothing short of awesome." From The New York Times.

"It's more agile than a typical minivan and easier to park, which is something to consider for those who don't really need all the space of a bigger van." From Edmund.

"But the many clever packaging features, like sliding middle-row seats with under-cushion storage, sports-sedan handling, and the promise of 27-mph highway fuel economy made us feel like Mazda's starting a party that'll soon be rockin'." From MotorTrend.

"This MAZDA5 is a very logical and practical, especially given our national interest in fuel economy. Here's a vehicle that will seat six people and still let you bring along some belongings, but it won't suck down a barrel of oil every hour at cruising speeds and it's incredibly easy to maneuver through parking lots and city traffic." From Auto Mobil.

For buyers who need affordable, fuel-efficient family transportation that's easy to maneuver in traffic and a snap to park, the MAZDA5 is a strong choice.

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