Minggu, 09 Mei 2010

Spesifikasi Modifikasi Ford Lynx Ghia

Pursuing a sport with a touch of elegant appearance, now seemed to inspire some young modifier to seek the limelight. Quite simply represented by mobilnya.Namun makeup intent to steal the attention not only through 1.8lansiran Ford Lynx Ghia '95. More dominating is how to realize his heart desires, so besutannya looked like what she sees in magazines and the Internet. "Besides, I was also inspired by the same car on the street, and ask the same friends who own a car racing," said the owner, Michael Evert Georgio Hutabarat.

Having collected all the ideas in his mind, Mika familiar calls for modifications to direct a suitable house to mount. But, Mika knew, the car was no longer young, leaving him too stubborn to modify the car with extreme views.

Only some of the racing body kit custom decorate the entire exterior, the concept of racing cars which were taken from several circulating in Indonesia. While for selected brands Dupont paint metallic green color. Similarly, the lip, which is standard in retirement and was replaced by 18-inch design Fabolous, and coated with rubber, steel output 225/40/ZR round Super 18. "What I have a custom body kit with a 0.8 mm galvanized plate, except for using Fiber ducks," said Mika, born in 1993.

For interior, Mika still sitting on the bench this school, change the look that really looks elegant. All seats, the ceiling, even the trunk is covered with leather MB Tech. Although some of the paint with Siekens brands, such as dashboards and door pillar trim.

Turning to the audio settings, deleted all the factory default, because it does not feel comfortable enough to enjoy. Problem audio settings, young people who make this campus as a favorite, select the SQ. "If traffic congestion, which is good to listen to a CD, let alone ama I really like slow songs," added Mika who like singing and drawing.

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