Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

SuperCar McLaren MP4-12C

To compete with Formula 1 champions Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz McLaren berbalap on the highway out the latest supercar MP4-12C. His first car design has been shown in September 2009 was capable of racing up to 320 km / hr. Lightweight supercar is made from carbon fiber composites can penetrate even digadang 400 km / h or worth the McLaren F1-390 km / hr.
MP4-12C also only takes acceleration 0-200 km / h in under 10 seconds. While the time to stop 200-0 km / h less than 5 seconds. Performance of these horrible middle engine generated 3.8-litr M838T McLaren V8-powered twin-turbo 608 hp and 572 Nm of torque.
Well, if you want to kill a Ferrari or a Mercedes-Benz supercar is ready funds of around 229 200 U.S. dollars (USD 21 billion). But you also have to quickly make a reservation. Because, this UK-based company will only produce the MP4-12C as many as 1,000 units per year and begin next year.

"We know this is a competitive market. We also know many companies that appear and disappear. But we're not going to be one of them, "said McLaren boss Ron Dennis at the launch Automotive MP4-12C Friday (19 / 3) yesterday.
"We are here to stay," continued Dennis who was accompanied by two favorite drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, who was given the opportunity to unveil the MP4-12C prototype orange.

"We have a pedigree and history that support the entry into this market segment. There are some startling statistics that go into my brain in recent years, "continued Dennis.
He added that since 1966, McLaren's first since entering the grand prix, F1, there were 106 teams that have come and gone. "This is the moment where I think we need to expand our business and commercialization company."

Meanwhile, Managing Director of McLaren Automotive Antony Sheriff said it would sell the MP4-12C in the 35 dealers who are ready to be built in North America, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.
In the Middle East market, Sheriff hopes, MP4-12C can be sold 10 to 20 percent of the total volume of dunia.Dennis which have invested around 670 million to 750 million pounds sterling for the MP4-12C project, hoping to be able to master the 4 percent market share in its class and return of capital in four to five years into the future.

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