Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Tekanan silinder Dengan Kontrol Pembakaran Diesel Pra-Campuran

Implementation of real-time combustion feedback for use in closed-loop combustion control technology that has the potential to assist in the implementation of successful production of advanced diesel combustion mode. Low-temperature combustion of pre-mixed diesel currently attractive because it offers the ability to reduce emissions from the engine-oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and particulate matter (PM). The need to reduce emissions of both driven by strict regulations that apply throughout the world, especially the NOx limit in the United States. Reduce engine-out emissions facilitate the need for additional exhaust aftertreatment devices and their associated cost and mass.

In this paper we will describe the experimental cylinder pressure control system-based and present, both as a result of SteadyState and diesel engines use this type of pre-mixed combustion. The data presented shows the operation of the engine control system is activated and deactivated, highlighting the effectiveness of feedback control real-time cylinder pressure.

There are some easy tips that should be done to keep the diesel-engined cars can still drive safely. The following maintenance tips to do diesel car owners:

  • Users take your car to run diesel engines prior to heating. The diesel engine should be heated at least five minutes.
  • Not to run out of diesel fuel tank to prevent colds. If that happens then the users need to pump diesel fuel injection pump because nature does not evaporate. Suggested when the tank containing the third of capacity, must be immediately refilled. However some new cars have diesel engines, can avoid this problem, so no problem when the fuel tank empty until more than a third its capacity.
  • Must be diligent in cleaning the air filter at least every 20 km. Because dust is the enemy
  • from the main diesel engine. Dust that entered the engine room to accelerate wear of the combustion chamber because the dust will be a material with a grinder between the cylinder piston.
  • Besides the air filters, solar filters should also be considered clean. When damaged must be replaced immediately. Do not delay. Like the gutter must be free of garbage so that no blockage occurs.
  • Another treatment is by replacement of lubricant oil (oil) every 5000 km and replace the filter, then the condition of the diesel engine will remain stable, sturdy and comfortable.
  • Besides, every morning had to throw water from the solar filter is recommended to clean the filter regularly scara solar and replaced after traveling 16 000 km.
  • Injection pump repairs must be made at a special workshop diesel engine. And if there is severe damage to injection pump, should immediately be brought to the workshop, not through careless mechanic.
  • Finally, Baterey (Accu), cables. Although diesel engines can be turned on without this section, namely by way of another car pulled but it was certainly not done every day. Would be odd, if each day to ignite the engine, the car must be withdrawn first.

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