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New Honda Accord Crostour, Fuel Economy, Equipment Update

Based from the Honda Accord, with a combined contour and shape of the other variants, such as the CR-V also Odissey therefore be crosstour honda accord with a very futuristic body design. Berbody bongsor with high ground clearance, but not too far from the station wagon is perfect for a family.

When We reviewed the Honda's new Accord model Crosstour, one of Our Few gripes was in the fuel economy of department. Rated at 18/27 mpg (FWD), its not bad, but the lack of a six-speed transmission makes getting the most out of Each gallon a bit hard.

Honda appears to be ready to announce the Addition of a six-speed auto-box for the 2011 model year car, Which Will go on sale before the end of the year. This is well, ahead of a mid-cycle update, Which Should take place in the 2013 model year. The new transmission will of likely deliver a slight improvement in city fuel economy as much as two and outs mpg on the highway, making the CrossTour more competitive with the Toyota Venza Pls it comes to fuel economy.

Honda typically sticks to very strict model cycles, and four years after it WENT on sale as a 2008 model, the Accord is receiving its scheduled refresh. Among the tweaks for 2011 is an exterior freshening for both sedans and coupes, including a Sharper front fascia design, new wheels, and updated rear lighting. The grille is wider and sports marginally less chrome than before, and it rests above a restyled bumper with more Deeply scooped fog-light surrounds. Sedan models have a new trunklid with lighting strips adjacent to the license-plate holder.

Crosstour Honda Accord is equipped with engine mounting, vibration can be suppressed very well. Using the name of the application crosstour porters with huge capacity was already a necessity. Double wishbone and multilink system behind, with better use of the bushing and the composition of geometry-enhanced arms, front and rear suspension damping in the shocks created in various road conditions. Some things that are served by making more felt comfortable in making a long trip and stay safe in different conditions.

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