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Specification New Suzuki APV

APV was born through the global standard with the component contributed 80% of some ASEAN countries. Late last year, the national automotive world with the presence digemparkan Daihatsu Xenia and Toyota Avanza. But not long ago that mengageni Suzuki Indomobil party also issued a statement, in mid-2004 they will launch the APV (All Purpose Vehicle). Concepts introduced between the same type, design-nosed car with a minimum carrying capacity of seven passengers.

Daihatsu and Toyota Parties have been answered with sales reaching 5,000 units per month (including for export). Even for domestic consumers, they are forced to pivot until mid next year to obtain the desired units. The presence of APV at least provide an alternative for car enthusiasts nosed at a price below that offered Rp100 million as Daihatsu and Toyota. In fact, Xenia and Avanza pivot effects also affect the consumer to move the bow to the APV.

In fact, the concept car as mentioned above was accepted by the community of Indonesia. But more than that, an international trust to produce the car in the country also became the driving wheels of the national economy. APV is planned to be produced as many as 70 thousand per year. The projection of total exports reached 30 thousand units. Conditions such as these strengthen the national automotive industry a new phenomenon that began with the production of Xenia and Avanza.

APV, as expressed Soebronto Laras, president director of PT Indomobil Suzuki International, a new model. Design followed the characters in the ASEAN countries despite well suited to countries in other parts of the continent. To be competitive, it must be the basis of four criteria for making APV. Fourth, among other things, quality, price competitive in global markets, environment friendly, and attention to safety aspects.

The plan, APV entered the period of production at Suzuki's plant in Tambun, West Java, in August next. New distribution conducted in September. But presumably Suzuki dealers are optimistic, that APV market will absorb many competitors, though not denied, that the pivot can happen anywhere at anytime .

MODEL: Suzuki APV (GX)
ATPM: Indomobil Suzuki International
Production: CKD
Price: Rp85 million, Rp115 Million

The number of cylinders and valves: I-4, 16 valves
Diameter x step (mm): 75x84, 5
Capacity (cc): 1493
Maximum Power (tk / rpm): 67/6.000
Maximum torque (Nm / rpm): 122/3.000

TRANSMISSION: M / T CVT 5kecepatan

Front: McPherson strut, coil spring
Rear: Rigid axle, leaf springs

Front: ventilated disc
Rear: Tromol

TIRE: 195/65R15

Panjangxlebarxtinggi (mm): 4.155x1.655x1.430
Wheelbase (mm): 2625
Distance departure DPN / BLK (mm): 1.430/1.425
Tank capacity (lt): 43

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