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2010 New Holden Commodore

Holden has been working on an interior revamped to bring the interior up to date styling for the first major update of the billion-dollar VE since its 2006 introduction. In the 32 years has been producing Holden the VE Commodores has gone without a significant The Longest visual updates.

Drive understands That the facelifted model is likely to be Called the Commodore Series 2, rather than the VF, as has been widely reported.

The new Commodore Series 2 will from Also be given an updated exterior styling, although Holden is not saying anything of the top secret new model yet.

"We Will be updating our Commodore range later in the year," said spokesman Jonathan Rose. "We're not in a position to discuss what That entails at this stage, other than to say That We think the changes will from the make a great car even better."

The Model Year 10 (MY10) Commodore range will go on sale in September with the most fuel efficient Australian-built six cylinder vehicle in the market. Commodore Omega achieves just 9.3 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres in the official ADR81/02 test – up to 13 per cent better than current models – making it more efficient than some major four cylinder competitors.
At 9.3 litres, a motorist travelling 20,000 kilometres could save $325 at a current indicative price of $1.25 and produce 600 kilograms less carbon emissions. A fleet user travelling 40,000 kilometres could save $650 and 1.3 tonnes of CO2.

Holden will deliver the savings through two new engines offering the state of the art technology, Spark Ignition Direct Injection, a first for a locally-built vehicle. An all-new 3.0-litre engine – the smallest Commodore powertrain offered to buyers in more than 20 years – and the familiar 3.6-litre displacement will be offered, depending on model.

The changes will be effective across the petrol sedan and Sportwagon range, as well as the SV6 Ute and the Statesman and Caprice long-wheelbase variants. The engines are the centrepiece of a model year upgrade with fuel efficiency, lower running costs and consumer requirements firmly in mind.

A new six-speed automatic transmission will be matched with the new SIDI engines, weight reductions have been achieved, low rolling resistance tyres introduced and other fuel-saving upgrades installed. The fuel efficiency achievements are among the most significant in Commodore’s 31-year history as an Australian automotive mainstay.The new technology conforms to strict Euro IV Plus emissions standards – currently the highest possible air pollution rating a petrol or diesel powered vehicle can achieve in Australia.

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