Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Persembahan Daihatsu Pada Tahun 2010

At last year's market share of 15.4% daihatsu obtained. In the year 2010 is the newest products such daihatsu Terios TS A / T and Gran Max Improvement and also Anyar other products, such as the White Cruiser, Terios, Luxio White Premier, Xenia Matic, and Sirion slalom. No less interesting, Daihatsu stand also comes with the concept of urban gardens are laid out attractively.

However, as the main agenda Daihatsu New Year Exhibition, this time was launched the latest variant Terios ie TS A / T as the most affordable SUV matic current. Daihatsu introduced a variant of the main reasons is the increasing demand for affordable automatic transmission in the SUV segment.

Terios TS Matic itself remains Terios TS adopt the basic concept, that is a tough city cruiser, with the added convenience of extra concepts, such as automatic transmission, side step, and air conditioning blower singles. With the addition of the empty weight of 15 kg, TS Matic remains responsive and efficient fuels, such as the manual version.

In an era where more and more demanding consumers, the demand for comfort in driving is also found in the commercial segment. It is the background for introducing Daihatsu Gran Max Improvement, which has increased the comfort features and materials used, such as an arm rest in the front row, central-door-lock for the Front-Facing MB, and a sliding seat for MB type D. In addition, it introduces additional variants Daihatsu Gran Max Blind Van 1.5L.

Marketing Director of PT ADM, Amelia Tjandra, said, "Daihatsu consistent to continue to provide excellent comfort in driving, but it remains affordable for all segments, with the presence of TS Matic and Gran Max this Improvement. New Year Exhibition, we also held to show our best products to the public. "

In addition, Daihatsu also recently launched sales packages early years 'Daihatsu Maximize Your Life', is an attractive package for the purchase of all Daihatsu models, with interest from 0%, DP 10%, and the free GPS for Xenia (certain types) and the Terios, as well as Free one year subscription package to YesTV Luxio and Sirion.

"With a very affordable price of USD 166.6 million for the TS Matic, we are targeting these variants can be sold around 70 units per month. Meanwhile, with prices starting at USD 85.4 million, we believe we can achieve sales targets Gran Max about 1500 units per month. In addition to our latest package Maximize Your Life, will make customers more easily own a car, "said Suparno Djasmin, CEO of PT. AI-DSO Page

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