Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

Mitsubishi Galant Evolution

In 2009 a slightly used Mitsubishi Galant. Since then, almost every time I spy another car like mine, this is an older model. Something about the original version of the series when my car just for me, is ugly.

If you know much about cars, you know that every four or six, if the car is selling quite well, manufacturers release "all new" series of the same name. Sometimes, just like the old version in several ways, and usually remains in the same size class. Other times, changes in car size, appearance, and can even change from a compact to mid size. But there are other ways to change the car, without the "all new." Usually, in the age of any series, the car will get a "refresh" or "face-lift." This usually involves changing the headlights, taillights, bumpers, and even sometimes fenders, trunks and hoods. Although basically the same car, this new addition can drastically change the look of the car.

This is the case with the Mitsubishi Galant. In the year 2003 - the year 2004 as a model - an all new Galant was introduced, to move from compact to mid-size car. At that time, Mitsubishi tried to go for the brand family ""-see, placing schnoz in the middle of the lattice. I do not think I'm alone in thinking it is a design error.

This car looks best in red, so this is a glamorous shot of the prettiest, I could find. In other colors, it looks ugly and rather boring. Someone at Mitsubishi would think so, because in the year 2007, they kept the same car, but give it the face lift. Missing is the nose, but the remnants remain. hood still has a stylish line that points to where the nose should be, and new replacement grille still have a bulge.

Not too much improvement, but definitely better. Someone must have thought they did not really exist, but there must have enough life left in the Galant for them to try again. In the year 2009, they changed the hood, grille, and bumpers. All schnoz remains missing, though - oddly enough - not going to change the headlights.

While I really love my car, and thought it looked pretty great (even better now, with tinted windows), I still think Mitsubishi missed a golden opportunity here. And now that the car has gone through seven model years, there will of course not a chance. Mitsubishi Galant has stopped production, ending with the year 2010. This is not surprising either. It landed on the list "" the worst seller in recent years, perhaps because there is virtually no promotion. When was the last time you saw an ad Galant?

But what is not selling Mitsubishi Outlanders. And the Lancers. Sporty Lancer Evolution is a runaway hit. It does not hurt that they come with a look of "new family" for their other car, which features an aggressive grille that somewhat resembles an old-school Cylon, Battlestar Galactica from the original. I can not help thinking, what would I Galant look like if they get a ballsy, and grafted a new look at the last round Galants? Well, I'm a graphic artist, so I thought I would find out. Now, do not be too critical. Try to prove what?

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