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Car Modification Tips - Power Gear

Altimate Sound
Looking to get some horses out of the '02-05 Nissan Altima? Borla has a new, bolt-on method to gain such power. This is called the exhaust system and it is made from mandrel-bent stainless steel pipe that is 2 1/4-inches in diameter. On the roll of the muffler is the edge, angle-cut, 4-inches from the end gives a very stylish appearance. If you need a little more grunt Altima in performance and you want to sound like that happens, choose one of these, they will be guaranteed for one million miles.

Man Up With this Manifold
Here's more power for your EVO EVO GTSPEC in the form of manifold. Made with SUS304 pipes and flanges, manifolds are strong enough and designed well enough to quell the nine-wheel hp and 7 lb-ft of torque when combined with the turbo back. In turn, the increase in power came early, giving you a wider and more usable power band. So, if you want more power with a simple replacement part, then this can be manifold worthy candidate.

Swaying Spheres
Endlinks are an important component to the swaybar, not only because they are connected to a bar suspension, but also because they play rolled around on the street car feels. Whiteline Automotive has released their new ENDLINK Spherical Bearing kits for the 350Z, RX-8, Lancer EVO, WRX and S13 and S14 chassis '240SX 's. This kit can manage and rotate to give a better feeling for the car and made with heavy duty bearings making it more durable. Replace the old and get the endlinks swayed by this new spherical.

Tune In Tune And Out
With only a ten minute commute to work, I do not really listen to the radio in the car for a long time. That kind of sucks because every song sounds better in the car. But for those with a long journey, a new EZ900HDS receiver from Kenwood will be a great investment. This new receiver is a step in the technology that has three different tuners in one. It can take AM / FM stations, HD Radio and Sirius Satellite radio, which means that there is a lot of music to listen. Forget the CD, you do not really need them if you subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio, and with sharp, clear reception you get with HD radio, personally I think a lot of radio songs that go will make you forget what it's like groping through CD. Now, if only I worked about an hour away.

Tuning Is Everything
When modifying the engine, one of the most important factor in getting the most out of your modifications are tuning. AEM introduces the Engine Management System (EMS) for the latest Honda engine line-up. This new plug and play system available for all '01-04 K-series engines (including Element, TSX, and Accord) and '01-04 D17A1 engine and manual transmission A2. The system is offered in two different options: a stand-alone unit or a stand-alone units with built-in wideband UEGO air / fuel controller. Now those newer Honda to join in the fun by tuning tuning AEM products offered.

Is Your Car Swing Both Ways?
Want another modification that will make fans Lambo-style door and maybe even some owners of Lamborghini jealous? Showoff Inc. is proud to present WingDoors Mark I, 90-degree vertical door conversion kit. This kit features a hinge that makes the door open farther than other kits on the market and also provides easy installation. This kit will make the door open far enough to allow you to fit a refrigerator or even mother-in-law in a small car. Are the types of items will fit in the car when the door closed is another story. With this kit, your car will be the talk of the town, making people runny Lamborghini drivers to give your car a second look.

Back in Black
Complete a cool, dark look of your interior with the HKS EVC Black Limited. Basically the same thing as before EVC kPa Ver. 2, but it looks cooler. Main, and possibly only, difference is that it has a black foreground and white background screen, as opposed to black foreground and white background on previous units. Now, not only would be cool because you drive a turbo car, but you will have to follow the controller increases the coolness factor as well.

Cool Fuel
I personally have never heard the fuel pump is dying out or breaking, but I'm sure it's possible. Besides, to prevent this from happening, or at least to prolong your life fuel pumps, BG has released a "heat sink." The heat sink is a nice little device that you put in the loop with the fuel pump and in turn cool the fuel that goes into your machine. And We all know, the cooler your water, oil, and now fuel is, the better your engine will of the run.

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