Rabu, 08 September 2010

New Toyota Harier, Harga Naik

Toyota Harrier Hybrid SUV and Toyota Prius in Japan increased by 3%. This is for the first time in three decades, Toyota Motor Corp.. (TMC)-style model of raising prices in Japan without the addition of new features.

It was solely because of the high price of steel and other raw materials that could no longer in akomodir through a series of cost saving measures undertaken TMC.

This decision is difficult for the TMC, as the Japanese domestic market was slow. New price for the two hybrid cars rose 3%, while some commercial vehicle models rose 2%.

Starting next month the standard version of the Prius, the Prius S 73 500 yen will rise to 2.38 million yen. While the Harrier Hybrid Premium S 136.5 thousand yen climbed to 4.76 million yen.

Toyota has been making various efforts to maintain the fixed price does not rise, but prices of raw materials is expected to remain at high levels for long durations.

Toyota also raised its prices for some models in the USA, without changing the model. Toyota raising prices usually simultaneously with the addition of new features, facelift or the birth of a new generation.

Last time Toyota raised prices on Japan models without adding any features occurred in 1974, amounting to 10% following the oil embargo that occurred at that time. Earlier in 1973, amounting to 7%. Especially for commercial vehicles and vans, the last time there was a price increase in 1992.

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