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New Honda Accord 2011 Review & picture

New Honda Accord Sedan and Coupe 2011 slide in mid-August 2010. Honda North America beautify the outward appearance and the Honda Accord. In addition, Honda also increase the fuel efficiency of Honda Accord.

Honda Inspire, which became the base model sedan and Honda Accord for a few countries in the world, including Indonesia, underwent a facelift for the Japanese domestic market. Inspire 2011 is rumored to have made some improvements on the interior, particularly the use of a higher quality material to enhance his prestige.

Improvements include the vehicle aerodynamics, engine friction and gear transmission ratio, contribute to improving fuel efficiency. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), USA gave a rating of 1 to Accord Sedan 4-cylinder with automatic transmission. In the town of Accord Sedan 4-cylinder spend 9.87 km / liter better 0.85 km / liter. While on the freeway (highway) recorded 10.2 km / liter, preferably 1.28 km / liter.

Revision 2011 Accord exterior found on the grille, alloy wheels, rear deck lid, and wheels. Luxurious and ergonomic interior increases with the presence of leather upholstery, lumbar support, leather steering wheel, heated seats, for a particular type.
As general facelift, 2011 Accord also improve the appearance of the front face and back by placing the radiator grille design and new bumpers. In addition, the Accord in 2011 involved installing a 17-inch alloy wheels.

Meanwhile, prominent changes in the cabin looked through the use of wood panels accented on the steering wheel, center console, below and above, and door panels.

2011 Accord 3.5-liter engine version even gives rain sensors as standard features.
Accord is offered in a choice of 2 petrol engine, 4-cylinder, 2.4 liter, DOHC, i-VTEC, with power 190 hp and 177 hp, and V6, 3.5 liter, SOHC, i-VTEC, Variable Cylinder Management (VCM ), powerful 271 hp. Accord Sedan V6 petrol consumption in city / highway carrying 8.08 / 12.75 km / liter, preferably 0.43 km / liter on the highway. EPA rank 3 for the Accord V6 Sedan.

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