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Bentley Arnage, Technology Frontier

Bentley Motors continues the intensive development of its flagship Arnage range with the introduction of a major program enhancements for powertrain and chassis Model Year 2007. The famous V8 engine Arnage 6.75 liters now grown up to 500bhp and mated to a six-speed automatic transmission performance advantage, driving dynamics and refinement. Changes in the powertrain equipped with a smooth exterior, interior and under-bonnet design cues.

The key to improving performance is the most powerful version of Bentley's legendary V8 engine ever built at the company headquarters in Crewe, England. In the model of performance-oriented Arnage T, a twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces 500bhp revised surprising and 1000Nm torque - 11percent increase in power and torque increase of 14 percent on top models come out. Twins with the latest ZF six-speed transmission automatic, which uses state-of management of computer-the-art, performance and refinement are optimized at all speeds. In the Arnage R and RL models the new engine driven from 400 to 450bhp, while torque rises from 835 to 875Nm.

500bhp Arnage is a true driver's car with much higher performance and provides a driving experience that is more useful. Improvement of refinement and comfort to 450bhp Arnage R are equally striking, while the long-wheelbase RL shares the same power output increases with the increase of the rear passenger cabin.

Bentley 6.75-liter V8 engine is the center of the development program of 2007 model Arnage. Extraordinary machine, the basic design which has served Bentley models proudly for nearly five decades, has been widely reengineered to provide, in Arnage T specification, 500bhp and 1000Nm torque - figures that ensure that the legendary Bentley wave of torque and even more amazing than ever. Top speed of the Arnage T has risen from 168mph/270km/h to 179mph/288km/h, while increasing the maximum speed 450bhp Arnage R and RL's with 13mph/21km/h to 168mph/270km/h.

When the first V8 engine was built in the1950s, the design brief unwittingly benefit of later generations of Bentley engineers. That is a very forward thinking design with all aluminum construction-, a five main-bearing crankshaft, and well-supported camshaft. Steps taken then laid the foundation for the longevity of the engine.

"People might raise an eyebrow when they were told that the V8 engine in 2007 Model Year Arnage they first used by Bentley in 1959," says Bentley Motors' Director, Powertrain and Chassis, Brian Gush. "But the reality is the basic design was so good that we have been able to continue to improve it for nearly 50 years.

"One of the reasons the engine has been developed with success is the position of the exhaust valves, high in the cylinder head, originally designed for rapid heat dissipation to help engine cooling. Decades later it meant that we could heat the catalytic converter because the shortest path from valves to catalysts , Which favors emissions. This is just one reason why this brilliant engine lives on today. "

The first 6.25-liter engine that produced around 200 horsepower - the new 2007 Model Year 6.75-liter V8 has more than twice that output, with 500bhp and torque 1000Nm to T. Arnage That is the introduction of turbocharging and intercooling in the early 1980s that saw step-change increase in the performance of a V8, and the latest engine program is no different. Two new low-inertia turbochargers operate with far greater efficiency at lower engine speeds - they reach maximum turbine speed in half the time of the previous unit - thereby ensuring significantly reduced turbo lag and extraordinary wave of torque at any revs.

In addition, reprofiled camshaft with an all-new system of roller tappet provides revised valve timing and substantially improved repair. These changes also provide for increased power, enhanced durability and ensure compliance with European EU IV and U.S. LEV II standards. Although the 6.75-liter engine 2007MY producing around 300 horsepower more than 1959 predecessor, fuel consumption is only 60 percent of the original and thanks to the sophisticated fuel injection and exhaust controls, its emissions output is an incredible 99 percent lower than Bentley's first V8.

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