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2011 Opel Corsa Review

2011 Opel Corsa, this car has been updated years ago, and now updated exterior and interior design and joined the initial & stop. Exercises done in the style of Opel Corsa 2011 alter the easiest element to change without any obligation to unreasonable costs.

Thus, the work of the bumper and grill in betting on the new Corsa for greater joy and sportsmanship, as shown by the chrome strip that includes the new Opel logo and plastic racks to cool the motor. Additionally, the headlamps now incorporate the contents of a boomerang-shaped crown entities. They are also changing in ways that embrace the fog and new colors are added to make the various -15 Opel Corsa 2011.

Interior Opel Corsa is also updated with fun colors and visual effects in trim panels and dashboard. Elsistema Touch Connect also emphasizes multimedia infotainment and color touch-screen navigation welcomed five inches in 28 countries with iPod jack, and USB, Bluetooth ...

As recent developments included in the range of the ceiling laversiĆ³n Opel Corsa Color Edition and a black painted wheels associated with bright colors and plenty of extras. Also new is the line pack that allows you to decorate with two big bands on the Opel Corsa's body from the tent to the gate, conjoined with a mirror in the same key.

Start & stop reaching Opel Corsa Diesel 1.3 CDTi especially 75 and 90 hp. Announced the reduction of consumption to 4.2 l/100km city compared with the 4.6 engine without this element. The average consumption is 3.5 liter, 94 g / km of CO2. The remaining mechanics remained unchanged compared with the last update that took place last year.

Range of power in the Corsa moving from the engine 65 hp to 192 hp 1.0 OPC seven mechanical possibilities. 75-130 hp motor diesel is associated with 1.3 and 1.7 CDTi. In the chapter about the price, the official rate muevenentre € 12,215 Opel Corsa 1.0 Essentia 3 door with 65 hp and costs € 23,850 Opel Astra OPC's 192 hp.

again start & stop for 75 hp motor costs € 15,710 in the three-door and 16,220 for the hatchback. In the case of Opel Corsa CDTi 90 hp with the elements to optimize consumption, costs € 15,950 three-door and five door up to € 16,710.

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