Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Data From 2 Million Customers Honda Has The Hacker Steals

Honda has released a statement saying that the server of a company that handles their data base has become a victim. The statement was reinforced by the number of sources reported that the hackers managed to steal personal data of about 2 million subscribers Honda. Personal data, including e-mail addresses have been lost due to this attack. Honda said it has informed customers affected by this unfortunate incident.

According to latest reports, the information stolen included addresses, names, phone numbers and even license plate number and chassis number. The hackers also managed to take the bank account numbers and other sensitive information, which can be used further with bad intentions. The most severely affected of electronic attack is most customers in Japan, but clients from other areas may also be affected. otomotif.com

Honda Company, is responsible for providing marketing support and e-mail, said the loss of information content and urged affected customers warning.

According to first estimates, data from two million customers control of cyber criminals. It's full address, telephone number, e-mail, bank accounts, but also information about the registration and chassis serial number. This data can be used for identity theft and to extract large sums of money.

Honda has responded quickly and issued a warning to all customers, asking them to treat seriously any attempt of fraud. Although the attack occurred at the headquarters of the Japanese computer company, it is possible that the data customers in Europe are affected.

Hopefully there are no customers Indonesia affected.

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