Senin, 20 Juni 2011

2012 Honda Accord More Environmental Friendly

Honda Accord 2012, the luxury sedan cars made by Japanese manufacturer Honda's, it seems will change soon face from accord 2011, accompanied by some with revamping, ESPECIALLY in the engine to More Environmentally Friendly.

2012 Honda Accord on the front fender looks cheap round the head of the redesigned, so it seems a more Luxury, but Stay Raises its sporty aura.

Even the Supreme TO type, (top-spec) Accord is equipped WITH bi-xenon lights, active cornering lights cheap, thus Improving road safety Will be at night.

While FOR Rear section, there are chrome plated license plate placemat Yang, thus making it more Mewah.Rencananya, this 2012 version of the Accord Will diharikan In, Three color choices namely Alabaster Silver, Graphite Pearl Lustre cheap Heavenly Blue.

As Yang has been said before, the Honda was concerned about the problem of emissions generated Accord.UNTUK The ITU, this latest car engines will of the i-DTEC capacity of 2200 cc.

As reported by autoevolution Sunday (30/01/2011) Power Able machine produces up to 150 horsepower, the promised level of 138 grams of CO2 per Only kilometer.Di Europe, Honda Accord Type S Will be available WITH 180 hp powered engine.

Exterior styling changes on the new Honda Accord has been supplemented by a number of subtle changes to the interior with the most value to have a new seat materials and coating the door, change the atmosphere kabin.Model Type S has an exclusive half-leather, the chair in a dark gray finish and a black head lining to better distinguish the upper class.

The 150 PS 2.2 liter i-DTEC diesel refined engine has an internal friction losses are reduced to Improve fuel economy and emisi.Hasil of these changes is 9 g / km of CO2 emission reductions for the Honda Accord sedan with 6-speed manual transmission and a reduction by 11 g / km for Variant otomatis.Honda Accord equipped with automatic transmissions also benefit from minimized friction losses in the gearbox and ratios optimized to Improve the economy and emissions.

One of the most visible changes to the top of the range is the Addition of the Honda Accord Cornering Lights On, improved lighting Pls Provide the which the vehicle is turning.

The plan, this 2012 Honda Accord Will be sold throughout Europe in April, WITH estimated price Will be Announced at the exhibition The Geneva Motor Show next March.

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