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2011 New Karimun Estillo " Car Sporty"

It is undeniable that the Karimun Estillo 2011, is one of the latest cars from Suzuki is quite popular Indonesian automotive market today, this we can see from the promo Suzuki Karimun Estillo 2010, which do through this website for the period of August 2010. Here we tries to give a little review about the Suzuki Karimun 2011. I first saw this car, we found few changes from previous versions, especially on the body, especially the front body is totally revamped. This we can see from Bonet who seemed more advanced, also head light, over fenders, grille, so according to our conclusion that on the front of this 2011 Suzuki Karimun have been replaced with a design that is very, very different from previous models.

2011 Suzuki Karimun Estillo did look more sporty, it can be proven by looking at the design of "A Pillar" that can be said to be designed more up his nose, and almost the same design on the front that existed at the Suzuki SX-4 (similar). While on the back, is still exactly the same as previous versions Estillo Karimun design. Because the design of the front of a fairly significant change, then the dimension is also changed. 2011 Suzuki Karimun Estillo longer 105 mm and 15 mm lower., While for the width and wheelbase remain the same as the previous version.

If it had been our review of the Body and design, then this is the engine / Engine. Suzuki Karimun 2011 using machine type "K Engine", and this machine has been designed by Maruti Suzuki India for use in various types of Suzuki cars, like the Estilo, A-Star, Splash and others. If the Karimun Estillo previous years, they used the machine F10D engine (4 cylinder, SOHC, 1061 cc), whereas in 2011 they put Karimun Estilo one K10B K-coded engine. From the data we saw, for the amount of capacity and number of engine cylinders, as well as kitchen runway on K engines are smaller, at only 998 cc and only 3 cylinders, but the DOHC engines already support this as well as the material used is aluminum. It is intended that the machine lighter and provide output and greater torque than the old machine. On the old machines, the number of outputs ranging from 64 rpm 68 PS/6.200 PS/6.200 rpm, while the engine torque range from 84 nautical outpur Nm/3.500 Nm/3.500 rpm to 90 rpm, and acceleration is softer and not felt the power lost in each teeth.

In the interior of the Suzuki Karimun Estillo 2011, you will find a lot of changes. When you first enter the cabin, you will see colors that are served are beidge or two tone brown and shades of a very shown compared to previous versions. Terbuah seat of a material that is quite luxurious, and using a quality fabric combined with two colors so it looks a little exclusive. Not only there, on the steering wheel is also designed so as to give the feel of chrome.

Specification Karimun Estillo

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