Rabu, 14 Desember 2011

Modifikasi Holden 1974 Yang Penuh Dengan Audio

Two years ago, the car was found Deden type pickup in the state has become a carcass without a perfect body. However, Holden's output in 1974 was to show off the mat Clas Mild CodyMaxx Auto Extreme (CCAE) 2011.

Car covered in the dominant white paint adorn this corner of the courtyard mejeng Food Festival (FF) Pakuwon City, Laguna Surabaya. He became one of the class participants with cosmetic modifications Cello sound system.

"Additionally, its body cosmetics, I paint with extreme style demo card," said the owner of Holden 1974, Deden when talking with magazine reporter in Pakuwon City, Friday (25/11/2011).

Deden really love this pickup. No wonder when the tub was filled with a variety of sound system equipment. Starting from power, speakers and sub ​​woofer he stick fill the tub up like an ocean sound.

In addition to Holden's Deden, 65 other cars on display also meet the region's elite. There are also some classic cars that collided beauty and scarcity of exotic models. About 20 cars lined '60s CCAE enliven the atmosphere which has ended 27 November 2011 to come.

The participants were later will come not only from Surabaya, but also from Surabaya, Malang and various other cities to prove themselves as the best.

"Not only that, the audio contest activities such as SQL (Sound Quality Loud) held by Cello-Gardiner at this event will certainly also because it will suck up the attention of visitors to show off the cars modified with extreme audio concept," Rudy said Purnomo, Project Officer CodyMaxx AutoXtreme 2011.

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