Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Modifikasi Kijang Inova Ala Ruang Tamu

Often travel for work or with colleagues who are members of the club's beloved car, often make the heart miss a home atmosphere. So also with Andi Muhammad Ilham Ramdhani (23), to treat him miss modify Toyota Kijang Inova in 2006 with the interior of the family-style living room.

"Actually, the initial concept living room or want to bring things home in my car," said Andi Muhammad Ilham Ramdhani, which also includes the club into the Indonesia Deer Club (IKC), when found paparazy some time ago.

Finally, a crazy idea that used to be called Ilham this arises, not half the 46-inch TV screen finally was in the middle of his cabin Kijang Inova

"Because I was often the way with the club, so I want the atmosphere of the room is always there when I want to travel. Well I also include 46-inch TV that can connect the PS3 to play with friends, DVD, Laptop and iPad," said Ilham with a smile.

Parents too often Ilham could only shake his head to see their child modify the car.

"In addition I also changed the interior a little more comfortable by adding a seat, doortrim, carpet MBTech camaro steering wheel, suede ceiling, Wood pannel, and led to a custom acrylic cabin pillars," said Ilham while moving his right hand.

"But I also still plans to enter into this sofa to be just as at home. But I still have to be patient because I made ​​this by setting aside all my pocket money and I am a small business," said the inspiration.


Jok, doortim, carpets, steering MBTech Camaro
ceiling suede
Wood pannel
Custom acrylic LED cabin pillars

JL audio sub 12inch
Speaker 6.5inch split KillTech
Speaker 6.5inch split venom
Power amplifier with crossover
PCA monoblock

iPad 1
PS 3
Philips DVD
Sony BRAVIA 46-inch LCD

The legs
Intra R18x8 rim, 5rata
Achiles 225/45 tires

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