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Modifikasi Mesin Honda Jazz Ala F1

Lots of modifier only focus on the exterior, interior or alter the performance with a little tinkering with the machine. Yet little attention to modifiers which actual machine condition after experiencing such changes.

In contrast to Teddy Jusman (36) are very concerned about the power of the engine after a significant change, but still see the power of the machine by looking at data like an F1 car through the iPad.

"For now I carry the theme of Super Street Racing, a vehicle that is more focused on modifications to the engine like crazy, so it can be used for racing and can be used everyday," said Teddy from the garage SS Performance Shop is located in Jalan WR Supratman No. 40, Bandung.

The man who likes to change the engine performance by improving the performance of this attempt to give a new innovation and is rarely used by other modifier takes up to a month to change the engine performance.

"I'm trying to modify is not strange, but how do I make it a race car (high performance), fun and safety, but still comfortable when driving it," Teddy said, smiling.

Although more focused on the large man machine is also not forget to beautify the look of Jazz birth Hond 2009. With a selection of bright colors with the airbrush ribbon of stars such presumed race and became the first champion to pass through the ribbon.

"And I also further highlight an innovation by putting a new system that has not been widely used modifier of another, by being able to see the data engine power that goes into the iPad. So that we can know the acceleration of the engine by adding tools On Board Diagnosis II (OBD II) , "he added.

Data Modification
Engine & Management System:
- CP pistons oversized 50
- Crower H Beam Connecting Rod
- By the ACL Metal Bearings
- Cylinder Head Porting Custom Polish By SSPs
- Valve Polisehed By SSPs
- Three Angle Valve Job By SSPs
- Turbo Kits by HKS Customized By SSPs
- Custom Front Pipe By SSPs
- Custom Down Pipe By SSPs
- Custom Extra Injector Direct 4 x 400cc By SSPs
- Blow Off Valve HKS Super SQV By IV
- By HKS Racing Suction Kit Customized By SSPs
- Exhaust System (pipe center & rear muffler) by FUJITSUBO
- Intank Fuel Pump 255 liter / hour high pressure Walbro By
- Type Dastek Unichip Q +
- Dastek Turbo Module
- Dastek I Drive
- Analog Dastek Map Selector
- Custom Mapping & Dyno By Sigma Speed
- Single fogger EFI Nitrous System - Wet System By Nitrous Express 50 shot
- Ntercooler By Nitrous Express System
- Purge Valve Kit By Nitrous Express
- By HKS EVC Boost Control
- Oil Cooler By Autobahn
- Oil Filter Relocator By Autobahn
- Oil Filter By HKS
- By HKS Oil Cap
- By HKS Radiator Cap
- Cusco Oil Catch Tank By
- Radiator Hose By Billion
- Ignition Volt Stabilizer Pivot By Raizin Spark
- Volt Stabilizer Pivot By Mega Raizin
- Ground Cable By Pivot
- Engine Oil By HKS
- Transmission Oil By HKS
- Low Temp Thermostat By J's Racing
- Low Temp Fan Switch By J's Racing

Suspension, Rims, Tyre & Brake System
- APP 4pot Color Titanium Caliper kit
- APP 330 Disc Rotor with 2 pcs
- APP Front & Rear Brake Line
- Project Miu Titan HD rear brake pads
- Compact S coilover kit HKS
- Cusco Lower Arm Bar ver.1 (2 points)
- Cusco Lower Arm Bar ver. 2 (4point)
- Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar
- Cusco Rear Strut Tower Bar
- Inner Fender Brace Cusco Front (Left & Right)
- Cusco Rear Stabilaizer Bar (Sway Bar)
- Cusco Front Stabilaize Bar (Sway Bar)
- J's Racing Rear Pillar Bar
- Weds Sport Rims 17x7.5 FIN
- Falken Azenis 215/45/R17
- ARP Wheel Stud
- Kyo - Ei Float Lock Nut Racing R4 ยบ
- Spoon Rigid collars

- Integrated Custom Front Bumper with Front Under Diffuser By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Bumper By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Diffuser Center By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Diffuser Side By Pitstop
- Custom Side Skirt By Pitstop
- Custom Front Wide fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Front Inner fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Inner fenders By Pitstop
- Custom Carbon Engine Hood By Pitstop
- Custom Rear Wing Carbon GT
- Custom Cover By Pitstop underbody Deck
- Custom Rear Fender Over By Pitstop
- Custom Mirror Spoon Carbonized
- LED Tail Lamp By J's Racing Stellar V
- Day By Raybrig LED Light
- Xenon Conversion Kit By HDX
- Front & Rear Red H Emblem By OEM Honda Type R
- Short Antenna By J's Racing
- Air Brushed & Design By Tomi

- Custom A Pillar Carbonized
- Custom Audio Box Carbonized
- Custom Nitrous Bottle Bracket
- By HKS Turbo Timer Type 1
- Throttle Control Pivot 3 Drive By
- HKS Camp 2 Real Time Engine Monitoring
- Meters Oil Press Defi BF Series By
- Oil Temp Meters By Defi BF Series
- Water Temp Meters By Defi BF Series
- Control Unit Defi Link Meters By
- Head Up Display by Defi VSD
- By Pivot Shift light
- OBDII Data & Data Log Reader OT2 By Innovate / KiwiPLX
- OBDII Data Display (Wireless-Wifi) By iPad
- Pedals By Veilside
- Titanium Shift Knob by Spoon
- Custom Roll Bar
- By Momo Montecarlo Steering Wheel
- Steering Adapter By HKB
- Steering Quick Release By WB
- Custom Panel Meters
- Custom Notebook Mount
- Alerts by Autowach 2 Ch.
- Start Button & Bracket OEM Civic Type R FD2R
- Go Pro Camera
- Front Seat by Bride Gias Max Carbon Kevlar Lox
- Front Safety Belt By Takata 4 Point
- Wind Screen Film By Vcool
- Custom Aluminum Drivers & Passager Foot Rest

Audio - Video
- Head Unit (1) Pioneer DEH 9850BT
- Head Unit (2) Pioneer AVH 5350 DVD
- Power Amplifier Helix A4 - 4 Ch x 60W (for Speakers)
- Oracle Viva Front Speaker 2 Way
- Rear Speakers Rockford Fosgate P162S
- 2 Set Monoblock Power Amplifier Prokick LS3000-1x1000W (for Single Sub Woofer)
- 2 Rockford Fosgate T112D2 DVS Set 12 inch Sub Woofer
- LCD Monitor 7 "
- Bluetooth Connection as AUX Ch. By iPad
- Custom Box, interior Cosmetic & Audio Installation By Audio One

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