Selasa, 17 Januari 2012

Modifikasi Toyota Prius Dari Tokyo Auto Salon

Some are funny and maybe weird sort of carpet Tokyo Auto Salon in Chiba, Japan (13-15/1/2012). Campinn, specialized modification for car camping, juggling display the Toyota Prius with additional compartments which design outside looks like a bun. But however is the art of car modification the modifier.

This shape causes the conversion becomes longer dimension 52 cm and 56 cm high and growing. The roof and tailgate 'torn' and connected with compartments made ​​of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) complete with access door to the back room.

Room suddenly became spacious cabin is able to carry double the size of the mattress at the expense of the back seat. If it is still lacking, the upper floors can still be used for sleeping. The ground floor can also be set as a model dealing with folding couch like public transportation. There's even a section that serves as a folding table to put drinks.

Changes in the exterior design is certainly an effect on wind resistance. In addition, other effects on fuel consumption. The question is, how safe this car can go, especially when fully charged? When viewed its construction, the front tire is very likely if it was speeding up (wheelie).

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