Rabu, 09 Desember 2009

Gambar Spesifikasi Marcedes-Benz C-claas 63

Each car has their own target market. So no wonder if the new two-day exhibition of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate has installed 63 of paper with SOLD. In the specification of this car is no longer in standard conditions. Everything has been modified total by AMG.

"Approximately USD 1.5 billion worth. That's the price of blank yes, "said one salesmannya.

This estate has been modified starting from the engine, compression, transmission to the legs. The engine capacity of 6208 cc berkonfigurasi V8. 457 hp helpless horses at 6800 rpm, torque 600 rpm Nm/5.000.

Comparison of the compression ratio increased to 11,3:1. Acceleration was not playing. Can be shot at a distance of 4.6 seconds 0-100 kpj. Top of his own speed can reach 250 kpj. To Bandung via Cipularang approximately how many minutes you?

Transmission system was also updated with a 7-level acceleration (AMG Speedshift 7g-tronic) with a choice of 3 modes: Comfort, Sport and Manual. Whatever your driving style can be accommodated. Playlists feet were comfortable with the added 18-inch AMG alloy wheels berdiamter tires 235/40 (front) and 255/35 (rear).

Meanwhile, Audi Q5, which was launched a week before the exhibition IIMS, until Tuesday (28 / 7) has sold 3 units, the unit price of USD 1 M or less a bit. At the time of launching is claimed has sold 30 units. In addition to the Audi Q5 also displaying Q7, A4 and A5.

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