Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Kecelakaan Maut,Mobil Toyota RAV4 Milik Korban Masuk Daftar Recall di Amerika

Yoyota RAV4 is driven by accident 5 students The accident killed the Rio Hartanto, 17 years old, her daughter (16), and Ervin Tantriyadi Januar (17) on the fly over Brass is the output of 2009 cars. Car in the U.S. market in 2009 the output was in the recall by Japanese manufacturer Toyota for the gas pedal problems.

Year's car output was expressed by the Traffic Accident Section Chief Directorate of Traffic Police Metro Kompol Ruswandi Herman.He stated that the Toyota RAV4, which was boarded by five students are CBU products or Completely Built Up (CBU) in 2009. He suspected, the condition that the car accelerator problems.

Police suspicion there might be basic, RAV4 cars because 2009 is the output of this car, including a recall in the United States.Even Toyota in the U.S. was forced to stop selling this car to fix the car.Recall that the U.S. are made in China Toyota. There are at least 75,000 units produced RAV4 starting February 28, 2009 in China must direcall because the same problem

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