Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Geneva Motor Show Di Ramaikan Sekitar 100 Mobil

Geneva - 2009 has been passed by the turmoil of crisis, in 2010 as the hope of almost all of the world automotive industry.

No wonder, for the welcoming face of the tiger attack, automotive manufacturers world is vying to demonstrate their innovation by releasing their new product series.

So many, mat 2010 Geneva Auto Show which just opened for the March 2, 2010 journalists were flooded as a new product. Because there will be scheduled more than 100 new cars that will be introduced at this event.

Call it Pagani tricolore, Lexus CT200h, Carlsson C25, CrossGolf VW, Fiat 500 Twin-Air, Audi A1, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S "Awards Edition", Mercy F800
until Proton Hybrid (Gold) will appear in the city of Geneva.

Not only that, Swift plug-in hybrid, the Opel Flextreme GT / E, Bufori MKVI, Subaru Impreza XV, Juke Nissan, Renault Wind, Mazda5 until Mitsubishi ASX would be presented there.

2010 Geneva Auto Show opened to the public itself began on 4-14 March 2010 with 250 participants from 700 brands from 30 countries.

A large number of participants who participated as well as many new cars that will be issued to the Geneva Motor Show organizers believe this exhibition will be visited by many visitors. Target 700 thousand visitors were predicted to be achieved.

Carlsson C25


Pagani Zonda

Lexus CT200h


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