Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Toyota RAV4 Diduga Bermasalah Mengakibatkan Kecelakaan

Jakarta - Metro Jaya Regional Police suspect the accident that killed three Christian high school IX Faith Hope and Love (Ipeka), Tomang, West Jakarta, two weeks ago because the condition of the Toyota RAV4 is not worthy of their road driving.
Police found the fact that the brake pedal cars police numbered B-8095-NL that does not work. The accident killed the Rio Hartanto, 17 years old, her daughter (16), and Ervin Tantriyadi Januar (17). Two other passengers were injured, namely Nicholas and Lysia Kosasih, 17 years old.

Black car turned left with the firm of R. H Rasuna Said Street Road toward Lattuharhari, Menteng, Central Jakarta. The car hit the fence and finally flying home for the office of Inspector General, Department of Religion at Road No 1 Munzir Suparta Sumenep.

Sub-Chief of Law Enforcement, Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya, Adjunct Commissioner Ronald Simamora Big Johanson, said the driver hit the brakes before the car accident. The police investigation also found the same fact occurs in the Toyota RAV4 cars overseas, "If the car reaches a certain speed, the brakes can not work." However, he believed, the car brakes are not free from tensions.

Johanson suspect technical errors related to the withdrawal of the car by the manufacturer overseas. January, Toyota is taking 2.3 million cars from the United States because there are no reports on the gas pedal interference. One is drawn RAV4 output from 2009 to 2010. "RAV4 is not produced in Indonesia."

Director of the Jakarta Police Traffic Commissioner Condro Big Kirono added, each vehicle has a prior import permit from the Ministry of Industry and the Department of Transportation road worthiness. "This issue is worthy of the street outside our authority," he said on Friday.

To clarify this issue, the police wrote a letter to Toyota Astra. But Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor Johnny Darmawan told not to accept it. If you write it, "the police the wrong address. Toyota RAV4 been imported, but through parallel importers," he said yesterday. Police said the blood Lysia Nicholas and there is no content in alkohol.Seperti TEMPO Interactive reported.

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