Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

Spesifikasi Toyota Rush G Matic 2010

This section was only a horizontal line, now made desainnnya angled up and pointed at both ends. Both are polished chrome frame that surrounds the area in front bumper foglamp. Although simple, the detail is a touch of difference.

Then there are the three changes significant enough to change the aura of Rush. This update of the presence of the bumper guard under the front bumper. With the profile of a true SUV-style thick, the presence of this accessory makes Rush look more handsome and solid.

Then what is the fourth change? Quite simply, rear bumper guard. Same with the front, these design changes to make more compelling Rush stern ornaments surrounding the house with the license plate. Indicate its existence to the consumer entry-level SUV.

After yesterday's PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) officially launched the automatic bertransmisi Terios TS, today's turn of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) which released Rush G automatic.This GMatik Rush, will certainly complement variant small SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) for Toyota is that it comes with manual bertransmisi type G, S manual, and S automatic.
Driving Perfection 1500 cc engine supported VVT-i environmentally friendly Euro II standards and is suitable for the use of series of very young road conditions.
Catalytic Converter
As Toyota's commitment to create cleaner vehicles and environmentally friendly, equipped Rush Catalytic Converter. This tool works to minimize the risk of air pollution and vehicle exhaust gas containing NO2 and CO2.

Although the interior permanent Touyota Rush 5-seater format, the cup holder side of the trunk indicates he is ready to become a 7-seater SUV by adding a third row bench is available as an additional option.

Rush have 4 cylinder 1495 cc still perched on the hood. Adequate strength for its weight took a reach 1185 kg. Manual transmission capable of channeling the energy used in fitting, although we see a more appropriate automatic used as a commuter.

Avanza as a brother than a machine, slamming Rush was even harder, but the symptoms occur more easily swayed by a high-dimensional body.

Last price Rush SM / T old is USD 193.25 million. This means that the latest Rush increase the price of Rp 2.05 million, to $ 195.3 million. That’s the price you have redeemed for the four changes above.

Following specifications:
Toyota Rush S 1.5 M / T
Engine: 4 cylinder 1495 cc, 109 dk
0-100 km / hour in 13.59 seconds *
Highway fuel consumption / combinations: 15.0 / 11.8 km / l *
P x L x H: 4405 x 1745 mm x 1740 mm
Wheelbase: 2685 mm
Price: $ 195.3 million

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