Selasa, 13 April 2010

David Beckham Dengan Rolls Royce Phantom-nya

Who is not familiar with David Beckham? Yes, he's a popular guy who has a great reputation in world football. LA midfielder this galaxy is the most expensive player in the country is uncle sam. Obviously, during the country's he adjusting his lifestyle by buying a new car manufacturer, United States ie, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. With Rolls Royce, David Beckham, along with three children who were sitting in the back around the town Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

33-year-old man was indeed prefer this model vehicle. Because, technically Rolls Royce is the identity of the local urban population in the United States. But this car is designed to model full custom Coupe. These vehicles appear to be supported by a rim of custom design 24-inch diameter Savini. Ciamik rim exterior is customized with the color black. Senadakan exterior to luxurious cabin that seats more soft and comfortable.

For the price of the car? to classmate David Beckham, the car was sold for 194,000 Pounds. Are you interested in having them?

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