Kamis, 15 April 2010

El Hadji Diouf Dengan Mobil Krom Senilai Rp 7,8 Milyar

For football players in Europe, especially England, the car is no longer just a means of transportation. But also-engined vehicles have become a symbol of luxury from a hobby.

El Hadji Diouf was no exception. Star is also a fan of Senegalese origin of a luxury car. Diof not want to buy a car without even a touch to his taste.

players 29 years old is very happy with the chrome. He's got a Cadillac gold chromated so each drove in the streets, cars Diouf was invited attention. Apart from expensive cars, gold chrome also make very special and luxurious impression.

This car is reportedly worth £ 100,000 (approximately USD 1.5 billion). Diouf had been driving his own car to Manchester. In Blackburn, the car was too often he was taken to the gym or just walking.

Wait a minute. It's not a car termewahnya Diouf. He still has a Mercedes. Well, this car is that he is a silver chrome color. Impressions are also very luxurious and magnificent.

Of course many people will be salivating to see it. Because cars worth £ 420,000 up to (approximately USD 6.3 billion). Certainly only the rich can have a thickness of a car like this and indeed in the UK, including money pebola inlaid.

Diouf still has a few cars, but he was not too proud. Two cars he likes and is very proud. However, if the total price of two cars worth £ 320,000 (approximately USD 7.8 billion).
Are you interested?

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