Kamis, 15 April 2010

Tips Mengusir Jamur Pada Kaca Dan Lampu Mobil

The main spotlight monde car. Of course this is very annoying when driving. As a result, it takes a high concentration, and results of physical examination to make fast tired. This condition is very dangerous if the distance traveled.

Clean out the lights is less because the closed mold to make the reduction of light intensity.

Well, here are some tips to eliminate the fungus from the lamp shell. Follow the steps below.
  • Material available consisted of scraping sandpaper to the mold in 1000, compounding, clean water, and wipe.
  • Wet sandpaper, then rub in a circular motion in the light moldy. Remember, do not be too much pressure. When brushing coupled with the movement of sand along the water flow is lighter.
  • Finish sanded flush with water to clean the glass surface of the pulp.
  • Continue to use polishing compound to remove scratches.

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