Rabu, 28 April 2010

Dongfeng Kembaran Hummer Dari Cina

Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Tionghoa language: 东风 汽车 公司; traditional Hanzi: 东风 汽车 公司; language Tionghoa: Dongfeng Qìchē Gōngsī) is a major company that produces various kinds of motor vehicles. The company is headquartered in Wuhan, China. The result of these vehicles such as trucks, buses, and many more. Founded in 1969.

Failed to buy Hummer from General Motors (GM) does not prevent the Chinese to be able to make vehicles such as giant SUVs. The proof is in the hands of the company Dongfeng, China able to trace a typical military.Wow Hummer H1!

"Hummer" was made at the Dongfeng currently being exhibited at the Beijing Motor Show 2010 event. With army camouflage-patterned blue screen, you will probably smile when he saw it.

Although cursory H1-like shape, but in the perfection of detail Dongfeng Hummer away from the artificial quality of GM. Even that looks funny is the use of white-walled tires are nothing but the hand paint. (SMN)

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